It’s ironic that when the salvation army has a 50% off sale I leave the store completely empty-handed (which is tough after spending a few hours going through racks and piles of crap or overpriced items) but on a normal day, I leave with a pile of stuff. I didn’t feel too guilty about buying solely for me on this trip (as opposed to stocking up the shop) because a few items between 2$ and 5$ is no big deal.

That is until I get to the cash register and my eagle eyes notice a camera behind the counter. Then it’s a lost cause. Behind the counter = won’t be cheap + I CANNOT say no to a vintage camera. Sadly I still don’t know if it works, as soon as the battery arrives from ebay (of COURSE replacing a battery = no instant gratification). I will keep you all up to date with the fate of the camera, whether it be me jumping for joy or crying in the fetal position.

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