crop top – thrifted
Zara Shorts – thrifted
Vintage Necklace – thrifted
Shoes – Little Burgundy
Guess Sunglasses – thrifed
Vintage Gucci Bag –  thrifted
Mini locket necklace – thrifted

I celebrated my birthday (which is tomorrow/Wednesday) on the weekend with my family. I – for some unknown reason – had a hankering for some high waist + crop top action. After a few ideas, I remembered this top. Both the shorts and top are thrifted and a few years old, who knew they would end up making a perfect pair. Of course this had to be paired with some cat-eye sunglasses. What else can I say? I love this outfit. And my mom did a kick-ass job as photographer.

4 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE

  1. Happy birthday (a little late)! I’m happy to see you spent the day looking as fine as usual. You know I have a thing for pixie cuts and stripes, right? ;) Hope this is your best year yet!

  2. of course she did! isn’t she the one who also took the infamous and amazingly beautiful train track photos?! props, mom. props. happy bday, my dear. i too am LOVING the crop top and high waist look. bravo. xoxox

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