MINK PINK Polka dot shirt – Warehouse sale
Silk red scarf as belt – thrifted
blue Zara jeans – thrifted
Vintage Coach bag – flea market
Vintage Vuarnet sunglasses – thrifted
Toms  – old (holes give them more character)

When Paige made a comment on my last outfit post about this post TWO YEARS AGO! It made me miss the train tracks. So I dragged my mom out there (it’s really just a 2 min walk away haha) again this weekend to take some outfit pictures. So Paige, this post is for you!! Hard to believe I’ve been posting outfits for over 2 years (I forgot my blog’s 2nd ‘birthday’ back in February). The blog has changed a lot in 2 1/2 years but I am glad to still have a place to talk about thrift store finds, what I wear and update you all on the shop. Thank you to everyone who pops by every week.

P.S. this top is amazing, I swear I can wear it with anything.

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