Top – RW & co
High waist terrycloth shorts – thrifted (Zara)
Shoes – CoolWay, Little Burgundy
Bracelets – flea market
Vintage Vuarnet sunglasses – thrifted

I found these brand new (with tags)  Zara shorts at the 99 cent sale at the Salvation Army a while back. It was like a sunbeam shone through the window and landed right on these shorts in my size that were waiting for me to snatch them up before one of the other vultures swooped down on them. 99 cent sales are nothing to mess with, I was a little hung over, dying of heat and dehydration but I left with a few goodies which made my morning worth spending in a crowded Salvation Army. Sometimes these kinds of sales are just not worth the effort and crowds but I was lucky this time.

p.s. I need a haircut!

5 thoughts on “WHAT I WORE

  1. Oh those shorts look super comfortable! And, I love those bracelets!

    I actually love your hair right now. It makes me want to reach through the screen and muss you hair! ;)

  2. “dying of head”?! stop it. i’m sorry, but my brain is that of a 13 year old boy. i love that you dragged your hungover ass to a 99 cent sale. you are my type of girl. forever and always, amen. ps. you’re a babe, too.

    • oh man i can’t believe I didn’t catch that. you know I aswell have a brain of a 13 year old boy (and sometimes the hair too)

      Us shortie babes gotta stick together.

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