Last Sunday I accidentally stumbled across a multiple vendor ‘garage’ sale of sorts 2 blocks from my apartment while on my way to Staples. I had a limited amount of cash in my wallet which was probably a good thing because I would have taken home so much more had I been able to.  I did a little bit of haggling and ended up with the above. How great are those floral tapestry bags? I couldn’t pick one so I picked both. The one on the right will (reluctantly) end up in the shop one of these days. Sorry ladies but the big one on the left will have to be pried out of my cold dead hands.  It even has tortoise shell on the handle, it’s a keeper. I just wanna run home and hug it right now.

My trip to staples was a bust but I did not come home empty handed. obviously.

And speaking of cheap things, thrills & other people’s stuff, I am really excited to be participating AND volunteering at the Montreal Take Off Your Clothes clothing swap on Saturday. I will be sure to share photos of the event next week.

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