1. “Saganaki” Dodonis = FRIED. CHEESE. @ Philinos ’nuff said.
2. Swapping @Take Off Your Clothes Montreal clothing swap
3. Left with almost as much as I donated – sorry tiny closet.
4. Last day of the Souk at Just for laughs, had to try the lobster roll @ Lucille’s
5. Refreshing watermelon mint paleta @ La Catrina
6. The summer’s heat waves have been pretty rough of my garden :(
7. Best coffee in the city? undecided but Cafe Myriad is right down the street and delicious
8. Pre-breakfast coffee with my sister @ Sardine. Why yes, I do love lattes?
9. Creamy scrambled eggs and wild salmon for brunch(again) @ Lawrence
10. Iced tea and chai latte @ Le Couteau (I had to pee so we bough some tea)

What a busy weekend. Finally went back to Philinos, hoping their calamari was as good as it was 2 years ago – only to realize the flaming cheese is much more memorable. The clothing swap was a huge success (more about that later this week), I enjoyed the last day of the street food at the Just of laughs festival (food trucks are illegal in Montreal other than at special events) drank lots of things with the word ‘latte’ in them and had awesome Sunday brunch with my sister.

3 thoughts on “WEEKEND IN PHOTOS

  1. As you know, I absolutely despise being cold. That said, “fried cheese” might be the magical words that would get me to voluntarily visit a snowy place….

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