You’ve already seen some of the above items on my last outfit post. I’ve been thinking about wool and plaid so it was only normal I spotted a plaid scarf, a wool top and wool socks. And that panama hat, I’ve been itching for a hat like this all summer but kept resisting the urge to go to the mall and buy a brand new one. It’s true when they say good things come to those who wait.

As a second-hand shopper I know that instant success is not even an option. I have a I want it and I want it right now mentality. But with clothes, I’ve just come to a point where I stop and ask myself ‘do I really need to go buy this overpriced item I saw in a magazine/on a person/in a store window? Usually it’s no. I know my closet is overflowing. And that’s a big deal when you live in 500 square feet. It means the closet extends to the bed, the ottoman, the couch, the stools and the bathroom. So really I DON’T need it. But if I stumble upon it for 2$ at the church sale… that’s a WHOLE other ball game.

Don’t get me wrong, I still hold back at the thrift stores. Just this saturday  I found the PERFECT fitting white dress. The women at the church all said how well it fit me and one even insisted that if I had nowhere to wear it, I should wear it to the grocery store. And you know what? I didn’t buy it. Because even though it fit me like a glove, where the hell am i going to wear a white gown?

3 thoughts on “CHEAP THRILLS

  1. It’s good to hold back every once in a while. I’m just glad you didn’t hold back on that panama hat, I’ve been searching for one all summer!

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