1. My favorite latte in Montreal @ Pikolo
2. It’s always a treat to watch my friend Amos play
3. Saturday morning
4. Brunch. Care made baked french toast. I love her
5. Sunday morning omelet & coffee
6. Chai latte @ Myriade.
7. Afternoon hike up the mountain
8. Post hike dip in the pool

We had a unseasonably hot late summer weekend. Despite the lack of proper sleep that the high temperatures and humidity cause, I’m enjoying these few extra days of summer. Being in an air conditioned office far from any natural light mon-fri really makes you appreciate the heat and sunshine. Now if only the weekends were a few days longer…

2 thoughts on “WEEKEND IN PHOTOS

  1. I wish all weekends were like summer weekends. That baked french toast looks delicious. Have you ever tried banana bread french toast? I think it would go right along with your regular weekend activities :)

    • I think my stomach just rumbled thinking about banana bread french toast. Mmmmm. Also one day i need to try french toast grilled cheese. Damn now I’m hungry.

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