1. Reunited with the man of my life
2. Breakfast – Bakery croissant, egg, cheese and tomato
3. Church sale loot – 5$ for all this – ready for some serious food photography
4. A herd of animal crackers
5. Documenting my mom’s pumpkin pie baking
6. Pies ready to be baked
7. Pumpkin tarts – never too much pumpkin
8. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
9. Vegetarian thanksgiving dinner
10. Fruit of {my mom’s} labour

Ah {Canadian} thanksgiving. You smell like wet leaves, cold air, nutmeg, cinnamon and roasting turkey juices. The long weekend (why don’t we have more of those?) was spent watching movies on the couch with Hurley while the rain cancelled all hiking plans, cooking & watching my mom bake pies, rearranging her furniture for my food photography, taking lots of pictures, eating and seeing friends and family. Oh you know, just a normal weekend in my faaaabulous life, darling!

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