It’s with a heavy heart that I am writing my last blog post on Tomorrow Never Knows. It’s been a great 2 and a half years. [wow!] My life has changed a lot since I started this blog. Relationship status, job, address, hair [ha!] not to mention my priorities and passions. I had just bought my DSLR and barely knew how to use it. Now I call myself a photographer. I no longer feel the need to blog about my outfits, instead I try to share images and stories with you all. Though the blog lost it’s original purpose [sharing my outfits] I do believe my life would not be the same if it wasn’t for this blog. I met such amazing women through blogging. They have helped me become the person I am today by inspiring me and pushing me. The blog has also changed my point of view on shopping and style. I no longer put as much importance on what I wear – don’t worry I still stick out in a crowd – and instead trust that people will notice me for who I am, not what I wear. I shaved my head a few months ago and can’t imagine going back to hair. It makes life simpler, I don’t have bad hair days anymore and it’s a statement I wear every day. I also hope to eventually clean out my closet to have less clothes and shoes – just the quality pieces I love. To think when I started this journey, I was shopping for new clothes a few times a month. Now I hardly ever buy anything new. I shop second hand and save my money for other things that are important to me [like coffee!]

This isn’t goodbye, I am still around – blogging over on I am just going to focus all of my energy over there instead of splitting it up. However I will still keep this blog up – I don’t have any reason to delete the content and as a friend told me, it’s a great way to see how far I’ve come.

So thank you to everyone who ever read a post, left a comment and followed me along through this crazy journey. I hope to see you all over at MY NEW BLOG

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you later!

6 thoughts on “THIS IS IT

  1. I think this is great. I mean of course I’m sad that this blog is ending, but I could also tell the outfit posting part of it wasn’t a priority anymore. You have a real talent for photography and capturing life’s simple moments so I’m excited to see more of that. I know this sounds really cheese balls but just as many bloggers have inspired you, you inspire a lot of bloggers (especially me). See you on the other site! xo

  2. Awww – bittersweet, indeed. I will continue to enjoy your posts, no matter where they are, but it’s wonderful to see you evolving and moving forward, and best of all feeling good about it. Lots to be proud of. Your photography work is beautiful and I look forward to much, much more of it. Congratulations!! :)

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