It’s with a heavy heart that I am writing my last blog post on Tomorrow Never Knows. It’s been a great 2 and a half years. [wow!] My life has changed a lot since I started this blog. Relationship status, job, address, hair [ha!] not to mention my priorities and passions. I had just bought my DSLR and barely knew how to use it. Now I call myself a photographer. I no longer feel the need to blog about my outfits, instead I try to share images and stories with you all. Though the blog lost it’s original purpose [sharing my outfits] I do believe my life would not be the same if it wasn’t for this blog. I met such amazing women through blogging. They have helped me become the person I am today by inspiring me and pushing me. The blog has also changed my point of view on shopping and style. I no longer put as much importance on what I wear – don’t worry I still stick out in a crowd – and instead trust that people will notice me for who I am, not what I wear. I shaved my head a few months ago and can’t imagine going back to hair. It makes life simpler, I don’t have bad hair days anymore and it’s a statement I wear every day. I also hope to eventually clean out my closet to have less clothes and shoes – just the quality pieces I love. To think when I started this journey, I was shopping for new clothes a few times a month. Now I hardly ever buy anything new. I shop second hand and save my money for other things that are important to me [like coffee!]

This isn’t goodbye, I am still around – blogging over on I am just going to focus all of my energy over there instead of splitting it up. However I will still keep this blog up – I don’t have any reason to delete the content and as a friend told me, it’s a great way to see how far I’ve come.

So thank you to everyone who ever read a post, left a comment and followed me along through this crazy journey. I hope to see you all over at MY NEW BLOG

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you later!


1. Bus ride – raindrops on the window
2. Breakfast Saturday morning
3. Loot from the church sale – 9$ well spent
4. My baby
5. Homemade veggie chilli & sweet potato cornbread
6. My mom loves to clean and I love to dirty dishes
7. Apple cheddar scones before
8. Apple cheddar scones after
9. Breakfast some of my favourite weirdos
10. Back home to Montreal


1. A tree and the setting sun
2. Out on a walk, taking pictures of disgusting spiders – the things I do for a picture
3. Foggy morning on my way to breakfast with the girls
4. Starting a collection
5. Hike up the mountain – I LOVE fog
6. Hannibal  Lecter, great party host
7. Halloween : an excuse to leave the apartment with no pants on
8. Cooking up a storm – fall veggies are so pretty


1. I refuse to run out of clementines till January
2. Flaxseed sesame jalapeño cornbread
3. Token double rainbow shot in Montreal from Saturday
4. Banana oatmeal dark chocolate chip muffins – I never get sick of making and eating these
5. Kinfolk Magazine – it’s like reading a book  filled with short stories and beautiful photos
6. Sunday – in my bag
7. A space ship!! Oh no wait that’s just our olympic stadium from the 70s
8. Honey!! One whole kilogram of creamy local natural honey – this is happiness