One of my new years resolutions was to do more DIY projects. My laziness and short attention span often mean I don’t finish little projects. Since I don’t have internet or TV at home, I have the time (and necessary boredom) to do all the projects I have stored up in my brain. I am starting off the new year with this jewelry frame DIY inspired by a photo I found on Pinterest.

What you will need:
× Glue gun & glue
× Large empty frame (check out your local thrift store)
× Branches thick enough to hold up jewelry (the straighter the better)

1) Measure & cut the branches to match the width of the inside of the frame.
2) Place the frame face down on a flat surface.
3) Plan where you will be gluing each branch to insure the spacing between branches is to your liking. Mark the spots with a pencil.
4) Take your first branch, put glue on each end and put it in place. Let the glue cool a little then add more to each end until it feels sturdy enough.
5) Repeat for the rest of the branches.

Once all the branches are in place and the glue has cooled. Hang your frame or put it on a surface and lean it against the wall. Then add your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, anything you want.

Glue gun / glue : borrowed from my dad 0$
Branches : 0$
Frame : 1.49$ – Salvation Army
Total cost: 1.49$

My next project is a wood wax seal stamp. Lets take bets on how many burns I end up with at the end of this project. Me vs coworker’s Soldering Iron.