I did my second planting of seeds last Friday. [Cucumbers, basil, peas, zucchinis and mint] The cucumbers are doing extremely well. And on the right you can see one of the overachiever pea plants determined to make its friends look bad by sprouting much faster.

Unfortunately the weather has cooled down – it’s actually snowing at the moment – but I’m getting impatient for the temperature to go back up so I can open my windows again. Spring is such a tease.


Ever since I moved out in to my first apartment, I’ve been keeping small gardens on windowsills or balconies. Last year I didn’t get to because I moved July first and didn’t want to add more plants to the list of things that needed to be brought from one city to another. Now that I am in a new place with lots of sun, I plan on taking full advantage. Last week I planted some of the early bird seeds, 2 kinds of tomatoes. And to mix it up, some California poppies that Jaimee gave me.

Every day, I check on them and see how much they’ve grown. Who needs kids anyway? I’m considering buying them a growth chart. That SO wouldn’t be ‘crazy plant lady’-like. Oh maybe that will be my thing since I don’t have the credentials to be a crazy cat lady. Moving right along, some other things I plan on growing: Basil, Mint, Parsley, Cucumbers, Zucchini. Maybe some carrots, beets and radishes.

And if you are also a city dweller looking for some inspiration, check this post out over at the selby. The sky is the limit guys, get out there and plant something!