The Sartorialist

Does anyone else feel like a camera is a great addition to any outfit or is that just me? And that last picture, this is what I wanna wear when I shoot… a long dress and no bra!

Friday Inspiration


{Apartment design inspiration} Apartment Therapy’s Small Cool 2011 contest. This will make you wanna trade your home in for a teeny tiny studio just to be able to decorate it.

{Big jewelry and crazy dress inspiration} If you didn’t know already, I absolutely LOVE Karla’s Closet. She is so daring with her outfits that usually consist of a mix of designer and vintage and she always looks so good.

{Playing dress-up inspiration} Today I pretended I was Morgan. I drank lots of tea and am having quinoa salad for dinner. Unfortunately my grocery store does not carry kale so it wasn’t 100% Morganesque!

Have a great weekend! Got hug a cute little kitten!

Friday Inspiration | Blogs – treasure hunters

I read a LOT of blogs, I keep adding more to the list as I fall onto them. I also stop following blogs almost as often as I start following new ones. That way, I only follow blogs I really LOVE, can relate to or feel a connection to. Although I follow many amazing women, here are just a few that Inspire me a lot. [They ALL inspire me in their own way but I’m a lazy ass so you’re getting 3]
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Friday Inspiration | Rachel McAdams

Let’s see. GORGEOUS. CANADIAN. GREEN. Yeah… ’nuff said, right? I want to be real life friends with this girl. I also would love to be friends with all her male costars… Plus we could coordinate our hair color changes together. I could transplant her dimples onto my face… I’m kidding Rach! (that’s what I would call her… Rach… you know, if we were friends “IRL”)

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Friday Inspiration | Jean Seberg’s hair



 Every time I want to cut my hair, I spend hours combing the interenet for inspiration. Last time, it was Emma Watson but i couldnt bring myself to go quite as short (although close). This time, it happens to have been Jean Seberg who caught my eye.  I know, these are very similar cuts but with my newly bleached hair, I can’t wait to get this pixie(er) cut (and wear breton stripes). She’s so cute!

Have a great weekend!

If I wasn’t drowning in snow…

Snow really cramps my style. Well it cramps by blogging style I should say because I really don’t mind dressing in my moccasins and leggings and sweaters every day. Every time I attempted to take outfit pictures the past few days when I actually had daylight, It was just so tough. It was cold, the snow was up to my knees, I FORGOT my remote, I was watching a Look Who’s Talking marathon… you know, the USUAL.

So because of all this, I ended up with unfocused (I don’t want Merl yelling at me) or just inexistent photos. I gave up and decided to spend more time with my parent’s couch and the movie channels that I don’t get at home. I got some quality time with Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt and Gerard Butler. Someone needs to put those 3 in a movie together. topless. chopping wood with an axe. hmmmmmmm… Ok what was I talking about? Oh right, no outfit photos but I got some really nice pictures of food and things that I will share this week. This would be better than seeing me in my moccasins outfit after outfit. (I swear, they hardly left my feet)

In the meantime, here are some outfits I would love to wear if I weren’t living in the north pole (as far as snow and cold goes at least) Peep toes? bare legs? Sandals? HA. Maybe in 6 months.

all photos from Stockholm Street Style.