I hope you all have great holidays, eat lots of fattening food, yummy wine, maybe some eggnog…  and get spoiled by your loved ones. I plan to do all of the above x 10.


As a salute to the city they call home, Montréal’s Arcade Fire will be performing a free outdoor concert tonight. Having been a fan of theirs for 7-8 years, It’s a little bit embarrassing to say I’ve never seen them in concert. Honestly I always find out about concerts when they’re over or the day of. Even though I was not quick enough to get tickets to their paid show at Metropolis last night (they sold out in less than 15 mins!) rain or shine, I’ll be seeing them tonight.


UPDATE: It was AWESOME. No rain, just 200,000 people…


Last weekend we celebrated my aunt’s birthday and with the help of my HP Touchpad, my sister got to sing happy birthday and watch my aunt open the present she bought her. For those who don’t know, my sister moved to Australia a little over a month ago. Imagine how hard communicating with her across the country would be if things like email, Skype and text messaging didn’t exist. As much as I hate technology, it definitely comes in handy.

Also, now that I think about it, I never introduced my tablet to you guys. An awesome friend picked it up for me when HP announced they were getting out of the PC/tablet business and all stock was liquidated. I had wanted an Ipad for a long time but couldn’t fork out the 600-700$ to get one. Now I paid 1/5th of that price and have an amazing gadget that has not disappointing yet. And playing Angry Birds on a 10 inch screen ain’t so bad.