Labour day weekend 2008

When I was younger, the weeks and days leading up to labour day weekend were bittersweet. On the one hand you had the annual local fair that we attended every year since we were babies but on the other hand it meant back to school.

Though I’m still not done with school, I don’t have the stress and depression that comes with labour day. [My younger self would probably be completely shocked I was willingly still in school 10 years after I graduated.] Now Labour day just means a 3 day weekend and stuffing my face with fried foods. That’s honestly what I can’t wait for… blooming onions, mini donuts… [cue drooling]. Oh and pulling my cowboy boots and hat out of hiding for the weekend.

I’ve been a little bit absent on the blog lately, there’s just been so much going on! I’ve been shooting a few weddings this summer with a photographer friend who has been nice enough to show me the ropes in wedding photography. I also shot some engagement photos and I’ve barely had time to edit any of the hundreds (ok.. thousands) of photos I’ve taken the last month or so.

Pictures from the fair last year


Happy Monday! [insert fake happy high five!]

This weekend I took it easy, I had ZERO plans [for once!] and got to catch up on some things I’ve been ignoring like cleaning and taking some product photography for the shop. I have about 12 new pieces of clothing [jackets, tops, skirts, dresses] photographed and they are slowly gonna make their way on to Etsy. I have some new plans for the shop, I’m actually closing up my current one and going to start a new one where I will hopefully be able to keep it consistent and update it more regularly. I have tons of stuff that has been adding up the last few months and I want to get them up into the shop and into some lucky person’s hands. Let’s please support the ‘Emily doesn’t want to be a hoarder anymore’ fund and buy all her stuff. I will keep you guys updated on the shop changes and when new items get listed.

As for the second picture, it was really one of those moments where you say ‘damn I wish I had my camera… oh wait I DO.’ And then proceed to look like a creepy pedophile taking pictures of kids in their bathing suits.


Tuesday morning at 8:30, my sister (the middle one) hopped on a plane to Australia for a year. We had dinner Monday night at the hotel she stayed at by the airport then spent some time in the hotel room laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. It was the best way to say goodbye, laughing at fart jokes.

Thank you D for snapping some pics of us crack heads.


The other day the clouds were clouds on steroids and that called for a drive around Montreal to find a place to take pictures. [It sure is fun to hang out with photographers… who have cars] We ended up at a beach and even though it was the wrong side of the sky – the side where the clouds were not taking performance enhancers – I got to have a go at shooting HDR [not to mention kicking off my high heels and wading into the water]. Even though my camera is considered an “entry level DSLR” I have a lot of faith in it and it has been good to me this past year. I still want this guy [and a million other things] but since my search for a sugar daddy has been [mostly] fruitless, I can’t buy a $1,200 camera … yet.

Happy Friday everyone, I hope you all have great weekends! My sister is moving to Australia next week so we are going to be celebrating finally getting rid of her and saying goodbye all weekend.


The Osheaga festival usually comes and goes before I even have time to think about buying a ticket.  It’s a 3 day festival with outdoor concerts going on all day. Last year I kicked myself repeatedly for missing amazing bands like Arcade Fire. [and then later when I started listening to the black keys, I kicked myself some more] So I swore this year, I would take advantage. And Sunday afternoon I did. I love my city.

When I found the vegetarian pulled pork sandwiches from a little food truck by these guys, I knew I had to have one. Montreal is a great place to live when you don’t eat meat because they cater to veggies so well but I was very disappointed with the options from all the other food stands until I found this one.


Happy Monday! I hope you all had weekends as full and exhausting as mine! That’s really what summer is for when you live in a place that has snow 6 months/year, right? It’s the time to pack every festival, party, concert, BBQ into a few months then hibernate all winter. After partying with good friends under the beer tent at the Highland Games on Friday, I took the train back home and it was so incredibly relaxing, I almost wanted it to be longer. I absolutely love taking the train, it’s less stressful than flying and it’s more convenient than a bus. I always feel like the train gives you a backstage view. I could only ever get that exact (last) photo from the train – unless I was hanging out in some farmer’s field… on stilts (or if I had Yen‘s amazing legs). And the train is just so much safer, less risk of getting shot for trespassing.

Plus, the train has free wifi, can’t say the same for the corn fields.