Yesterday’s temperature with the humidity: 45°C [115°F]

And that is why we got to watch an insane heat lighting storm and I got to capture these eerily beautiful shots in the parking lot of a pizza place waiting for some garlic bread [gratiné].


Before spending the afternoon & evening partying at a private lake [You should picture me saying that with my nose in the air, sipping my tea with my pinky out] I spent Saturday morning church/garage sale shopping with my mom and jumping in the river with friends. I didn’t actually do any jumping [1- i’m a chicken and 2- I had Hurley and didn’t want him jumping in after me] so we ladies – and hurley –  just waded into the shallower water ABOVE the water falls while the boys showed off their jumping and climbing skills. While I took pictures of their half nakedness. Not complaining.


Saturday afternoon was like the day out of a beer commercial. You know – hot sun, beautiful remote lake, girls in bikinis, BBQ, beer, friends. The kind of weekend that makes you ask “Can we do this every weekend?”. The answer is usually no so we just make sure we savour the moments and take pictures [of mostly dogs] to rub it in everyone’s face remember the good times.

I think I’m Hurley’s new favorite parent after I brought him with me to swim and play with a shitload of energetic strange dogs. Especially since I also shared a single bed with him 2 nights in a row. That’s worth like 5 thousand brownie points.


Last week we had an insane storm complete with hail, rain and excessive winds. It was really fun to watch from the safety of my desk at work. You know, laughing at the people running in from their car. Good times. When the storm was ending – after a whole 5 minutes – the blue skies were visible in the distance and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take out my camera. I stuck my head out the front door an snapped this shot [with some editing of course]. I could take pictures of the sky all day long. I could stare at the clouds for hours.


“pantry” | vintage chair & cushion | paint (duh?) | book stacks | 60s travel case

Last week a few of us from work went to a “Reuse Center” on lunch break and I WAS. IN. HEAVEN. It was a warehouse full of STUFF. The hoarder in me was having a bit of a panick attack. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, you want to push everyone and run up and down the aisles to make sure no one steals any of the goodies. This is often how I feel in thrift stores but this was like that but on crack. Since I don’t have a car, I had a limit on what I could take. I ended up with the wicker chair, pink cushion, travel case from the 60s and a leather camera bag [not pictured] and it all cost me 10$. There was so much I wanted that just would not fit in my tiny studio apartment. I will definitely need to go back again with robber gloves [everything is covered in a thick layer of dust] and comfortable shoes with a few hours to spare… and maybe a U-HAUL…. [kidding… maybe]

Apart de ça, I have “successfully” painted one of my brown bookshelves white [and realized painting furniture is very therapeutic] and will attempt to put it back together tonight *shudder*.


[street performers, champagne, veggie burgers and sunsets]

My apartment still doesn’t feel 100% like home but I am starting to enjoy living in the heart of the city. Impromptu bachelorette parties and coffee dates – bring em on!

Oh and thank you to my mom and sister for helping me unpack even more this weekend. A trip to Ikea is necessary so that I can unpack the rest but for now, it looks…. better.