It’s with a heavy heart that I am writing my last blog post on Tomorrow Never Knows. It’s been a great 2 and a half years. [wow!] My life has changed a lot since I started this blog. Relationship status, job, address, hair [ha!] not to mention my priorities and passions. I had just bought my DSLR and barely knew how to use it. Now I call myself a photographer. I no longer feel the need to blog about my outfits, instead I try to share images and stories with you all. Though the blog lost it’s original purpose [sharing my outfits] I do believe my life would not be the same if it wasn’t for this blog. I met such amazing women through blogging. They have helped me become the person I am today by inspiring me and pushing me. The blog has also changed my point of view on shopping and style. I no longer put as much importance on what I wear – don’t worry I still stick out in a crowd – and instead trust that people will notice me for who I am, not what I wear. I shaved my head a few months ago and can’t imagine going back to hair. It makes life simpler, I don’t have bad hair days anymore and it’s a statement I wear every day. I also hope to eventually clean out my closet to have less clothes and shoes – just the quality pieces I love. To think when I started this journey, I was shopping for new clothes a few times a month. Now I hardly ever buy anything new. I shop second hand and save my money for other things that are important to me [like coffee!]

This isn’t goodbye, I am still around – blogging over on I am just going to focus all of my energy over there instead of splitting it up. However I will still keep this blog up – I don’t have any reason to delete the content and as a friend told me, it’s a great way to see how far I’ve come.

So thank you to everyone who ever read a post, left a comment and followed me along through this crazy journey. I hope to see you all over at MY NEW BLOG

This isn’t goodbye, it’s just see you later!


I love blogging. I’ve had this blog for 2 and a half years. That’s a long time to be sharing online with complete strangers. The blog changes every so often and continues to reflect where I am in my life or what I feel it should reflect. But these days I don’t feel the need to document my outfits. I am just happy getting dressed for me, not for the sake of photographing, editing and posting for the world to see. I still continue to shop almost exclusively second-hand, that’s never going to change.

It’s a good sign in my head. It means I am less dependant on this blog for my own happiness and satisfaction. I don’t feel stressed at the idea of having no photos to post.


For now, I’m keeping this space for the silly narcissistic stuff I still like sharing. Fashion inspiration, occasional outfit posts, shop updates and my weekends in photos.  Who knows where we will be in another few months.

And if you still want more, I have my blog over on my website where I share little life tidbits and photos. I am concentrating a lot more of my energy on my photography and the direction I want to take with it so this blog inevitably gets put on the back burner at this time in my life. I can only stretch myself so thin and I want to focus my energy on the right things.

And to the bloggers out there that have not seen my regular face leaving too-long rambling comments, I am sorry, I still love you guys. I  just have other things that require all my spare time these days.

So I’m still here, taking photos, blogging, pinning, selling vintage, instagramming [tomorrow_emily] and tweeting.


1. Printed some instagram photos for a montage. They’re great, I want more
2. Leftovers = Breakfast = huevos rancheros
3. Fried tofu with peanut sauce and crispy spinach @ C Thai
4. Fried bananas for dessert [weekends are for fried food]
5. Sunday mornings
6. Wearing my Sunday best [sweats & sneakers]
7. Homemade roasted garlic hummus

In case you hadn’t noticed I’m on a bit of a food instagramming frenzy these days. And lets not forget all the coffee – see above evidence. I love cooking [and eating] and it’s good practice for my  [non iPhone] food photography & styling skills. Maybe I should rename ‘weekend in photos’ to ‘what I ate/drank this weekend’.

By the way, went to C Thai this weekend after seeing a great review on Shut up and Eat. It’s not always easy to find a BYOW restaurant that is vegetarian friendly [and affordable] and C Thai did not disappoint. The service was good and friendly, the food was delicious and light, the prices were very reasonable and to top it all off, you can bring your own wine. I will be back.


When I started this post, I felt like it was going to be a boring recap. But as I went through the last 12 months of blog posts, I realized that it’s been a pretty interesting year. I met some amazing people, got closer to some old friends and lost touch with several. I moved into a new apartment, living alone for the first time (and downtown Montreal nonetheless). I pushed myself to try new things, go to more concerts and events. See more of what Montreal has to offer – and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface.

So if you haven’t been following my blog very long – or if you want a refresher on what I’ve been up to this past year – make yourself a cup of earl grey tea, go pee then settle down for a read.

× I bleached my hair (again)
× I left facebook. (Cue sigh of relief) Yes, it’s been a whole year.
× We put on our snowsuits and headed to igloofest and then a late night stop for poutine.

× I started to take one photo a day for the month. (I never finished that challenge but it pushed me to take my camera out more)
× Paige planned a girls weekend in Tahoe and I flew across the country (leaving lots of snow for more snow) and met some amazing Bloggers (Paige, Christina, Merl, Amanda and Zoe) and we had an emotional bonding weekend. I hope we can do it again soon ladies.

× Santina and I had a pixie stripe-off.
× I gave up chocolate for 40 days for lent.
× I put on lots of green eyeshadow and got my green drink on for the  st patty’s day parade.

× I dyed my hair red – I can’t even keep up with my own hair color timeline.
Apparently April was not an eventful month.

× I slowed down on blogging and concentrated more on school, working on my photography projects.
× I made some zombies (and aced my classes).
× I turned 27.

× Someone super special came to visit me.
× We celebrated our birthdays with vegan food and dancing. I am so lucky to have such amazing faithful friends.

× On July 1st, I moved into my new 300 square foot apartment and then went to celebrate Canada day.
× I spent an amazing weekend with great friends and Hurley. It was the kind of weekend they make beer ads about.
× I met Jentine, a fellow Canadian blogger. I lent her my apartment since I was out of town while she and her husband visited friends in Montreal. Our time together was short but sweet. I am saving up my pennies to go visit her in DOWNTOWN Hamilton. Did you know they have an airport?
× I shot my first wedding (second shooter) and was ‘crap your pants’ nervous. Luckily I survived and did not crap my pants. The experience was so rewarding and I owe so much to my friend Didier for trusting me.

× I celebrated with the Scottish (and non-Scottish) at the Highland games.
× I FINALLY went to the osheaga music festival (and had some awesome veggie ‘pulled pork’).
× We sent my sister off to Australia for behavior rehabilitation. (kidding) And we said goodbye at the hotel.
× After over 2 years selling on etsy, I decided to revamp the shop and start over fresh and better.
× I shot TWO more weddings! (In ONE weekend)
× I got my first photography contract and shot my first engagement shoot.

× I bought the best sweater in the world.
× I put on my short shorts and cowboy boots and ate greasy deep fried food.
× I went to see Arcade Fire (finally) at a free outdoor show.

× I participated in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk – even though it was pouring rain – and met up with other photographers at mount royal.
× We had freakishly warm Canadian thanksgiving (I wore shorts!)  and I shot my 2nd  engagement shoot (photos of that shoot to come eventually).
× I saw Mumford and Sons in concert (they were as amazing as I had hoped).
× I went to visit friends in Ottawa for Halloween  and did another engagement shoot (photos coming soon too – jeez I’m behind!)

× I finally caved and bought an iPhone. I’ve been addicted to Instagram ever since.
× It finally snowed! (which didn’t last very long)
× I went to a Scottish Ball! And wore a gown and learned Scottish folk dancing. It was amazing, I wore leopard print.

× I started taking outfit photos indoors again – It’s just too cold out.
× I had an amazing Holiday weekend with the family.

And now I am ready for more amazing memories to happen in 2012. I’ve already booked my plain tickets to visit San Diego and LA in February. Maybe a visit to Chicago for some fellow Gemini’s birthday? Go thrift store shopping with a mermaid in downtown Hamilton?? Anything is possible!

And if you still have time to kill, check out last year’s 2010 wrap-up!


Hello! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA these days. Things are busy, I haven’t been documenting my life for the blog in the past week. It happens, sometimes I live life without photo ops. Sometimes I throw on whatever is within arm’s reach in my closet. Sometimes I get caught up enjoying my friends and I feel no need to take pictures and tell the universe all about it. Blogging is weird, isn’t it?

No I did not elope this weekend, the above picture is from the wedding I shot back in July. I finally got around to posting about it on my photography blog.

The rest of the week is pretty busy so I probably won’t be blogging. I have a family thing tonight, going to see Mumford & Sons tomorrow night [!!!!] and I have a big weekend coming up [with another engagement shoot!]. After that I may just sleep till spring. That’s a lie, I can’t wait for snow so I can get back on the mountain.