It’s June and there is still snow in Montreal, here’s the proof. This is what I see across the street from the office. The bulldozers have to keep moving it around to keep it melting because there is so much dirt mixed in. I bet this snow pile puts those bulldozer drivers’ kids through college.  

Have a great weekend everyone! I shall be packing and spending quality time with my puppy!


Weekend Highlights – gémeaux

Look! A blog post! With pictures!

I am slowly getting back to real life now that school is done for a few months. [cue happy dance]

As I mentioned, Miss Merl came to visit me this past weekend. We spent lots of time walking around the city, eating and just talking. I loved having her for a roommate for a few days. [I kinda miss her white noise Ipad app too…]

We walked around downtown and the Plateau area where I brought her to my favorite vegan lunch spot Aux Vivres then we checked out a few vintage stores. We both got to experience our first ChuChai (vegetarian Thai) visit  and went out dancing afterwards. We then cured our hangovers with air conditioning and falafel sandwiches followed by a lazy day on the couch with the food network.

I brought her out for breakfast Monday morning before her bus to Burlington. I really wish she hadn’t had to spend her whole birthday travelling! Next year, I visit you for our birthdays Merl and you can cook for me… (ok I’ll cook for us)

I am so happy she came to Montreal  and I hope she will be back soon so I can show her everything else we didn’t have time to visit. She needs more practice for her french. So far she knows ‘bonjour’, ‘non merci’, ‘désolé’, ‘de rien’, ‘voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?’. You know, all the essentials.

I have a few more pictures I will spread out through a few posts to avoid any excessively photo heavy posts.


This birthday girl is pretty special. She flew all the way from Wiscaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaansin… with a connection in Chicago and a 2.5 hour bus ride from Burlington… to have a joint birthday celebration. I really hope I made her weekend special enough to make up for 2 full days of traveling.

Today is her birthday and I brought her out for breakfast but she has to spend the rest of the day on a bus or plain or sitting around in an airport. I hope she finds a cute British man to help her join the mile high club. [unless she’s already a member…] Because that would be an amazing birthday present.

Happy birthday Merl, this was the best birthday present EVA! Love you, my bodacious twin [I made a typo and had “twit”… I was tempted to not correct it]

Safe travels Merl, start saving for your next trip here!

27 years ago today…

27 years ago today, my parents were blessed with an evil Satan spawn under the disguise of a beautiful blond, blue eyed baby girl. You’re welcome family, it was my pleasure to bring excessive sarcasm, crazy hairstyles, vegetarianism and body piercings to the family.

You can thank me with copious amounts of chocolate cake and wine.

Now who wants to come over and make me filthy martinis while I work on my school projects tonight?

[Wow do I sound like an alcoholic?]

the mutt

My baby. I feel like I gush about my dog the way new moms gush about their babies. What can I say, he really IS the cutest cuddliest dog in the whole wide world.