1. Bus ride – raindrops on the window
2. Breakfast Saturday morning
3. Loot from the church sale – 9$ well spent
4. My baby
5. Homemade veggie chilli & sweet potato cornbread
6. My mom loves to clean and I love to dirty dishes
7. Apple cheddar scones before
8. Apple cheddar scones after
9. Breakfast some of my favourite weirdos
10. Back home to Montreal


1. A tree and the setting sun
2. Out on a walk, taking pictures of disgusting spiders – the things I do for a picture
3. Foggy morning on my way to breakfast with the girls
4. Starting a collection
5. Hike up the mountain – I LOVE fog
6. Hannibal  Lecter, great party host
7. Halloween : an excuse to leave the apartment with no pants on
8. Cooking up a storm – fall veggies are so pretty


1. I refuse to run out of clementines till January
2. Flaxseed sesame jalapeño cornbread
3. Token double rainbow shot in Montreal from Saturday
4. Banana oatmeal dark chocolate chip muffins – I never get sick of making and eating these
5. Kinfolk Magazine – it’s like reading a book  filled with short stories and beautiful photos
6. Sunday – in my bag
7. A space ship!! Oh no wait that’s just our olympic stadium from the 70s
8. Honey!! One whole kilogram of creamy local natural honey – this is happiness


1. Reunited with the man of my life
2. Breakfast – Bakery croissant, egg, cheese and tomato
3. Church sale loot – 5$ for all this – ready for some serious food photography
4. A herd of animal crackers
5. Documenting my mom’s pumpkin pie baking
6. Pies ready to be baked
7. Pumpkin tarts – never too much pumpkin
8. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
9. Vegetarian thanksgiving dinner
10. Fruit of {my mom’s} labour

Ah {Canadian} thanksgiving. You smell like wet leaves, cold air, nutmeg, cinnamon and roasting turkey juices. The long weekend (why don’t we have more of those?) was spent watching movies on the couch with Hurley while the rain cancelled all hiking plans, cooking & watching my mom bake pies, rearranging her furniture for my food photography, taking lots of pictures, eating and seeing friends and family. Oh you know, just a normal weekend in my faaaabulous life, darling!


Photos taken with iPhone

1. Eglise St-Jean Baptiste for St Vincent & David Byrne concert
2. An AMAZING show
3. Saturday brunch @ Cafe le marina
4. Some brunch appropriate reading
5. Huevos Rancheros + coffee
6. Food styling and photo workshop with Béatrice Peltre from La Tartine Gourmande
7. More food styling exercises

WOW. I had such a great, full weekend. I didn’t even mind that I barely had time to relax. There will be other weekends for that, this week was for staying up late, listening to loud music, laughing till I cried with good friends and learning some great food photography & styling tips from Béa. You can expect an increase in food photos in the future. I’m even more obsessed now. Who knew that was possible?

[more pictures to come from the workshop, on the photo blog]