1. a lone puppy – I couldn’t help baby talking and petting him
2. Saturday attire
3. Coffee shop spying
4. Chocolate coconut cupcake & a latte
5. My kind of window shopping
6. Ummmm more cupcakes? oops.

My weekend apparently revolved around taking pictures of cupcakes and stalking boys in coffee shops and dogs on the sidewalk. Why yes I AM more fun than a barrel of monkeys.


1. That first cup of coffee
2. sporting some Clyde’s Rebirth bling
3. I got tired of having hair – and it feels so goooood
4. Brunch: Challah french toast @ Prohibition [like a donut soaked in maple syrup]
5. These ladies’ choice of clothing a matched the advertisement in front of them
6. Pad thai over zucchini noodles – thanks again Kathleen for this introduction


1. Best church sale find of the weekend – vintage feather hat
2. Afternoon plans
3. Love this kid… Never leaves my side
4. Paws that smell like corn pops & a new thrifted blanket
5. Fair food (I have friends on the inside & I bring my own veggie burger – ohhhh yeah)
6. Brome Fair- I don’t go on the rides, I just eat the fried food & take pictures
7. Hurls cooling off in the river
8. Tomato from my parents’ garden

Labour day weekend means Brome Fair and the end of summer. But summer doesn’t seem to want to come to an end and I will dutifully wear my denim cutoffs till the very end. I enjoyed the weekend in the country hanging with Hurley & the fam and stuffing my face at the fair. (more pictures of the fair coming on the photo blog this week)


1. My favorite latte in Montreal @ Pikolo
2. It’s always a treat to watch my friend Amos play
3. Saturday morning
4. Brunch. Care made baked french toast. I love her
5. Sunday morning omelet & coffee
6. Chai latte @ Myriade.
7. Afternoon hike up the mountain
8. Post hike dip in the pool

We had a unseasonably hot late summer weekend. Despite the lack of proper sleep that the high temperatures and humidity cause, I’m enjoying these few extra days of summer. Being in an air conditioned office far from any natural light mon-fri really makes you appreciate the heat and sunshine. Now if only the weekends were a few days longer…


1 / 2 / 3 / 4

Despite my excitement for plaid, tweed, boots, wool, apple picking and pumpkin flavoured everything… I am definitely enjoying this little late summer heat wave going on right now. So I hope everyone else is enjoying the current weather and I wish you all an amazing weekend. [One week till labour day weekend! Oh how time flies]