1. Vintage leather rugby backpack
2. 1980s beaded gold and black evening bag

Definitely an odd couple, these 2. But nonetheless amazing in their own ways. The clutch belonged to my aunt and she bought it back in the 80s for her first cruise. Can you believe the 80s were already 30 years ago? Jeez that’s crazy.

Still lots of ‘new’ items to add to the shop in the next few weeks. These mini updates seem to be all I have time for these days but I will get through it all eventually! Baby steps!



1. Reunited with the man of my life
2. Breakfast – Bakery croissant, egg, cheese and tomato
3. Church sale loot – 5$ for all this – ready for some serious food photography
4. A herd of animal crackers
5. Documenting my mom’s pumpkin pie baking
6. Pies ready to be baked
7. Pumpkin tarts – never too much pumpkin
8. All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey
9. Vegetarian thanksgiving dinner
10. Fruit of {my mom’s} labour

Ah {Canadian} thanksgiving. You smell like wet leaves, cold air, nutmeg, cinnamon and roasting turkey juices. The long weekend (why don’t we have more of those?) was spent watching movies on the couch with Hurley while the rain cancelled all hiking plans, cooking & watching my mom bake pies, rearranging her furniture for my food photography, taking lots of pictures, eating and seeing friends and family. Oh you know, just a normal weekend in my faaaabulous life, darling!


I love blogging. I’ve had this blog for 2 and a half years. That’s a long time to be sharing online with complete strangers. The blog changes every so often and continues to reflect where I am in my life or what I feel it should reflect. But these days I don’t feel the need to document my outfits. I am just happy getting dressed for me, not for the sake of photographing, editing and posting for the world to see. I still continue to shop almost exclusively second-hand, that’s never going to change.

It’s a good sign in my head. It means I am less dependant on this blog for my own happiness and satisfaction. I don’t feel stressed at the idea of having no photos to post.


For now, I’m keeping this space for the silly narcissistic stuff I still like sharing. Fashion inspiration, occasional outfit posts, shop updates and my weekends in photos.  Who knows where we will be in another few months.

And if you still want more, I have my blog over on my website where I share little life tidbits and photos. I am concentrating a lot more of my energy on my photography and the direction I want to take with it so this blog inevitably gets put on the back burner at this time in my life. I can only stretch myself so thin and I want to focus my energy on the right things.

And to the bloggers out there that have not seen my regular face leaving too-long rambling comments, I am sorry, I still love you guys. I  just have other things that require all my spare time these days.

So I’m still here, taking photos, blogging, pinning, selling vintage, instagramming [tomorrow_emily] and tweeting.


1. Printed some instagram photos for a montage. They’re great, I want more
2. Leftovers = Breakfast = huevos rancheros
3. Fried tofu with peanut sauce and crispy spinach @ C Thai
4. Fried bananas for dessert [weekends are for fried food]
5. Sunday mornings
6. Wearing my Sunday best [sweats & sneakers]
7. Homemade roasted garlic hummus

In case you hadn’t noticed I’m on a bit of a food instagramming frenzy these days. And lets not forget all the coffee – see above evidence. I love cooking [and eating] and it’s good practice for my  [non iPhone] food photography & styling skills. Maybe I should rename ‘weekend in photos’ to ‘what I ate/drank this weekend’.

By the way, went to C Thai this weekend after seeing a great review on Shut up and Eat. It’s not always easy to find a BYOW restaurant that is vegetarian friendly [and affordable] and C Thai did not disappoint. The service was good and friendly, the food was delicious and light, the prices were very reasonable and to top it all off, you can bring your own wine. I will be back.


Photos taken with iPhone

1. Eglise St-Jean Baptiste for St Vincent & David Byrne concert
2. An AMAZING show
3. Saturday brunch @ Cafe le marina
4. Some brunch appropriate reading
5. Huevos Rancheros + coffee
6. Food styling and photo workshop with Béatrice Peltre from La Tartine Gourmande
7. More food styling exercises

WOW. I had such a great, full weekend. I didn’t even mind that I barely had time to relax. There will be other weekends for that, this week was for staying up late, listening to loud music, laughing till I cried with good friends and learning some great food photography & styling tips from Béa. You can expect an increase in food photos in the future. I’m even more obsessed now. Who knew that was possible?

[more pictures to come from the workshop, on the photo blog]