1 – Vintage 1960s olive green and black felt hat with rosette
2 – Vintage 1950/60s Gray hat with feather & bow detailing
3 – Vintage pink and black veiled hat with bow
4 – Vintage red and black felt hat
5 – Vintage yellow 1950/60s straw hat with bow
6 – Vintage ruby red 1950s/60s fold up brim hat

I have been collecting the above beauties for a few months now and I just hadn’t gotten around to photographing them to list on the shop (and maybe I was hesitant to part with them). As much as I want to keep all these amazing vintage hats, I would much prefer they go to a good home where they can be worn and loved instead of gathering dust in my apartment. I still keep a few goodies for myself, don’t worry. But I need to make some room.