Striped top – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Jacket – Thrifted // vintage
Skirt – Gift // Teenflo
Tights – Xmas present
Peep toes – DSW // Steve Madden
Necklace – Thrifted

So… Contrary to what it looks like on the blog, I do wear outfits that don’t include black & white, red or stripes. I guess these just happen to be the cutest and most worthy of the blog. I am wearing this wool skirt as much as I can before the weather warms up and I want to stay away from anything that even rhymes with the word wool.

And yes I got my hair cut. My hairdresser decided to shave down both sides of my head this time. I’m not really complaining, I’ve always had a bit of an obsession with mohawks. And I love the contrast of a crazy haircut with a girly outfit.


Stripe Top – Thrifted
Black cigarette pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Nude pumps – Seychelles via DSW

When I find something that catches my eye in a thrift store, I automatically look at the tag. Is it my size? What is it made of? Where was it made? Does the tag look old or new? etc. If the tag says Forever 21, I throw it back on the rack. If it says siiiiiiiilk, I clutch it close and keep an eye on the women around me. I found this top at Value Village this fall and what first caught my eye were the stripes, then the bow and interesting neckline. And then to top it all off, the tag said 77% silk. DONE.

And these pants. I don’t have a story about how I found them in some thrift store and how they once belonged to Audrey Hepburn… More like I went to Zellers, found these in the Alfred Sung section, they were on sale for 17$, I tried them on, squealed a little and bought them.


Beret – thrifted
Leopard circle scarf – Roxy
Top – Teenflo
Skinny jeans – Gap (old)
Brown riding boots – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Bag – thrifted/Vintage

I wore this on Saturday for my sister’s birthday dinner. This is such a random outfit, I don’t even know how it came together. I seem to be at a loss when I am putting together an outfit that is not dressed up for work or dressed down for lounging. That’s kind of my life, if I’m not working, I’m at home in sweats (often working). I swear my jeans are all gathering dust in my closet. Who wants to wear jeans in winter? They’re just so stiff and cold. I’m like one of those women from What Not to Wear who keeps talking about how her polka dot pajama pants are just SO comfortable, how could she NOT wear them to the grocery store? I hear ya lady. Don’t listen to Clinton and Stacey, what do they know!


Cardigan – Winners (old)
Shirt – H&M (old)
Skirt – passed down from my sister (Dynamite)
Shoes – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Scarf – thrifted

Another work outfit. I wore this last week, and I had to get a closeup of the scarf for my cat ladies out there. You know who you are. I’m not really sure what this pattern represents. Angry cats, apples, numbers, clocks, bows, hearts… any ideas? I have a feeling someone got lazy creating this ‘pattern’ and just threw on a bunch of clip art together. It got me to spend 2$ so I guess… they succeeded?

I’ve decided – due to lack of space – to clean out my closet when things settle down after the holidays. I also want to avoid bringing any NEW clothing into my apartment as much as I can. I’m getting a little fed up of our society’s obsession with buying. I wish more people ‘got it’. You don’t need to buy new clothes every week. And if you really have the need to go shopping, go to a thrift store. Save your money for something important, not the latest trend. Invest in good quality, local, handmade and stop picking quantity over quality. OK rant over. It had been a while, I was due.

And speaking of consumerism, go buy things in my shop!!
I promise these will last longer than the trend du jour:


Yesterday was the before last day of the challenge but it feels like a whole new one with this new haircut. Every outfit feels fresh and new, imagine the possibilities to come! Don’t worry, I’m excited enough for all of us. Speaking of yesterday, I got 2 Twiggy comments, which make me ridiculously happy. My friend at work said she was staring at me all day then all of a sudden it clicked and she remembered who I reminded her of. Twiggy. Well Gee Golly thank you! is what I (did not) say. I may need to lighten my hair and start wearing little mod dresses.

So Matt was having the boys over for a nerdfest boys night so I stayed over at my sister’s. It worked out well since I left work an hour late (keep in mind it takes 1.5 hours for me to get home) and she lives closer. Since I had her place to myself, I made some food and sat down to watch The Holiday. I couldn’t help but feel I was having a little mini vacation from home myself. I couldn’t help  gushing over the house and landscape in England that Kate Winslet’s character lives in. Anyone over there want to do a house swap for 2 weeks? As long as you don’t mind I don’t have a house and it would be a package deal with Matt and Hurley. Oh and I don’t have a pool.  Gimme a shout! (Good thing Matt doesn’t read my blog…)

So today (Tuesday) is the last day of my challenge. Which means last day of obligatory outfit pictures! That’s what I ‘m most excited about.

I woke last night to the sound of thunder

Not only did I get home around 12:15 but mother nature decide to scare me half to death with insane thunder. I thought my apartment was going to fall through a hole in the earth. To top it all off, the power went out and I was home alone. It was a good thing I was completely exhausted.

I love these damn shoes and I get compliments left and right but gosh darnit, they are killing me. I really hope they just need to be broken in and that they aren’t just incompatible with my feet. I had accepted the pain by the end of the night.

This is where the blisters are… Please ignore how decrepid my feet are.

tank top – random  / pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers / shoes – Seychelles / jewelry – flea market