1. Vintage leather rugby backpack
2. 1980s beaded gold and black evening bag

Definitely an odd couple, these 2. But nonetheless amazing in their own ways. The clutch belonged to my aunt and she bought it back in the 80s for her first cruise. Can you believe the 80s were already 30 years ago? Jeez that’s crazy.

Still lots of ‘new’ items to add to the shop in the next few weeks. These mini updates seem to be all I have time for these days but I will get through it all eventually! Baby steps!


1. Vintage beaded sequin pearl and gold evening bag
2. Vintage black & gold pleated evening bag

A mini shop update this week with 2 really great vintage evening bags. Click on the links above for more photos, measurements and info.

p.s. It’s my mom’s birthday today – happy birthday!!


1. Vintage 80s/90s blue floral romper
2. Vintage silk cream polka dot & bow short sleeve top
3. Vintage1960s kelly green wool cape with gold buttons
4. Vintage red tube top terrycloth dress
5. Vintage navy over the shoulder leather satchel
6. Vintage black patent leather & gold shoulder bag

A few more items available in the shop! Some goodies in time for a new spring wardrobe?


1. Vintage floral embroidered handbag
2. Vintage purple suede purse
3. Vintage ethnic print & leather drawstring bag
4. Vintage brown & beige sued.
5. Vintage Mexican tooled leather bag
6. Vintage Italian blue half moon straw bag
7. Vintage midnight blue patent leather evening bag
8. Vintage mini navy and brown leather should bag

I am on fire (if I do say so myself). As a shop owner who only does this as a side job/hobby, I don’t think I’ve ever had so many items in the shop at one time. And there is more to come! More hats, footwear, bags and clothes. Seriously, how do I fit all this stuff in my broom closet of an apartment? Who knows. So more new items coming up next week. You can always follow me on twitter for instant shop updates.