Red Jeans – thrifted (4$)
Sunglasses – thrifted vintage (1$)

Belt – thrifted (1$)
Bag – thrifted / vintage Coach (15$)
Navy Cardigan – gift / the Bay

Chambray Shirt – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Feather Earrings – craft sale (20$)
Boots – warehouse sale (5$)
Scarf – old

I forced myself out of my lazy weekend comfort zone and let a few other items from my closet get some fresh air. Despite all the goodies I keep finding at the thrift stores, I spend most weekends wearing an assortment of over-sized sweaters, leggings and boots. But winter is coming to an end (despite all the snow you see up there) and I am celebrating with some flashy colors. These pants would be good for walking in the woods so I don’t get shot by a hunter.

I picked up the jeans and the Coach bag when I was in Ventura with Paige back in February. That girl brought me to so many amazing thrift stores and they were all just a few blocks away from each other. We came back with BAGS of stuff, and of course laid it all out on the floor and admired our handy-work, gave ourselves some pats on the back, some jumping high-fives… you know, the usual post thrift celebration. These pants were 4$ guys, I didn’t even try them on. We almost got run over by a van in the parking lot after but it was totally worth it. And that coach bag? 15$! AND came with the original papers and care instructions in a little pouch)


Jacket – BB Dakota (beyond the rack)
Scarf – Maison Scotch (warehouse sale)
Sweater – Old Navy (old)
Leggings – American Apparel
Moccasins – Vintage Minnetonka (etsy)
Gloves – church sale
Bag – Vintage Aldo (church sale)

There is no more hiding from it now. Time to throw on those thick sweaters and leggings and hide on the couch wrapped in a blanket until May.  From the last few outfit posts it would seem that I live in leggings but that just happens to be what I wear on cold weekends when I plan on lounging on the couch with my dog for 2 days. And those are the only times I have someone (mama) to force to take my picture.

I think it’s time I hire an intern, no? They could update my shop for me, run around getting me Tim Horton’s coffee, take my outfit photos, clean my apartment, bake me brownies… THAT would be the life.

Any volunteers?