1. Vintage 80s/90s blue floral romper
2. Vintage silk cream polka dot & bow short sleeve top
3. Vintage1960s kelly green wool cape with gold buttons
4. Vintage red tube top terrycloth dress
5. Vintage navy over the shoulder leather satchel
6. Vintage black patent leather & gold shoulder bag

A few more items available in the shop! Some goodies in time for a new spring wardrobe?

What I wore | As good as it gets

It doesn’t get much cozier than this folks. I wore this outfit for approximately 2 hours – in between long johns for snowboarding and party dress – just long enough to run out and take pictures before the sun disappeared.

I bought these tights about 2 years ago and I found them last week in a drawer thinking how lucky I was to have found a pair of thick tights I had forgotten I had. Then I put them on. And remembered why they were exiled. One leg is longer than the other. This is actually very annoying but I managed to wear them and then again out for the party that night.

And the cape. Oh this cape. I found out that it’s really not ideal to wear a coat (that has sleeves) on top of a cape. Lesson learned. Cape – 1 Emily – 0. I found it at the church basement sale this fall for 2 or 3 dollars and I’m pretty sure someone hand knitted this guy. Pretty awesome, no? I need to learn how  to knit capes. Oh and make my own mukluks too. Hey, the indians did it!

Can you believe Christmas is in a few days? I don’t have a tree (I always mean to then never do) so I don’t often feel festive till the last minute at my parents’ place piling the presents under the tree. This year is no exception. If feeling festive meant running around like a nut trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone, then you could call me Santa.

Shadow – my dad’s dog / photo shoot supervisor