The other day I randomly decided to swing by the salvation army on my way home from work. As soon as I walked in I saw that blue and yellow necklace and knew I had to have it. I’ve always been a fan of accessories that are big, obnoxious and out of the ordinary. Bonus points if it makes other people embarrassed to go out in public with me. [True story: I used to wear spongebob PJ pants and a tank top out to the bar. Oh college…]

Since skirts and dresses were 2 for 1 (deal of the week), I spent a little extra time in those sections. I think I done good. And I’m pretty sure those 2 BEDO skirts are brand spanking new. I am by no means a brand whore but I do have an appreciation for higher quality so I always check the labels and tags to see who made it and what it is made of. I will buy Zara and brands of that quality range (nothing special but not terrible) but I won’t buy Forever 21, even in a thrift store. Why would I want to fill my closet with mass produced, low quality items? Don’t get me started on a rant here… It bothers me that people settle for bad quality items made in Chinese sweatshops because they don’t want to spend the extra $$, yet they put their nose in the air and make gross faces when you talk about second-hand clothing. (There’s this thing called a washing machine people! … or the freezer)

You CAN be cheap and have good quality pieces. It’s called Other People’s Garbage! I’m only partly kidding here. Just because someone grew out of a piece of clothing (literally or not) doesn’t mean it’s bad. We’re all different, that’s what makes us special. This feels like a ‘The more you know‘ moment.

In conclusion… It was a successful random Tuesday thrift store visit.


Tank top – old / Giant Tiger
Floral scarf – thrifted
Linen skirt – thrifted / Armani
Flip flops – Old Navy / my mom’s

Nowhere near appropriate for a day or tramping around in the country with a dog (or 3) BUT it was warm out and I couldn’t resist putting on this (Armaniiiiiiiiii, liiiiiiiiiiinen) skirt (made in IIIIIIIIIItaly) I found at the church last time (for under 5 dollaaaaaaaaas). Not that I’m bragging of course. Though if it makes you feel better, I got it all dirty and even spilled some salsa on it. I really shouldn’t be allowed in public (without a bib).


I hadn’t been to the church sale in several weeks and I got my fill this week to make up for that. I bought so many things that I couldn’t fit them all in one photograph. No joke – see proof above.

A few of these (but probably not enough) are going into the shop. A few, like that huge camera bag, are staying put in my apartment. I keep buying second-hand camera bags (I’m up to 3 now…) but this one takes the cake. I have room for my camera, a few lenses and a flash or 2 along with all the extra batteries and small items. It will be perfect to lug around my equipment. And it was probably 2$. Take that 100$ camera bags! Good things come to those who sift through mountains of dusty mothball smelling crap.



It was high time that we get a little shopping inspiration that won’t be breaking the bank. Thus I have given birth to a new feature on the blog with some shopping ideas from items that are in my shop along with friends’ and other etsy sellers. I hope to encourage you all to support small shops that sell handmade and second-hand items.

There is a lot of good cheap stuff out there, I’ll do my best to find it for you. This post includes several items from my shop but I plan on making future posts about different small shop items, not just mine. I will be putting fun themed outfits together on a weekly-ish basis and all the items will be affordable and from small businesses.

*If you have any small shops you think I would be interested in for this feature, do share!*


Some things I scored at the church sale last weekend.

For moi:
Brown cropped cotton knit top
Beige 1-piece longjohns with trap door in back (I now own 4 pairs)
White hand crochet vest
Gray Knit grampa sweater
Velvet jacket with bead detailing
Charcoal wool pencil skirt

For the shop:
That awesome vintage green hat
2 horse themed vests (2!)
Cashmere grampa sweater
Women’s gray pleated skirt

On the fence:
Leather vest
Pheasant pattern skirt


If you follow me on twitter you heard me going on and on about the amazing stuff I took home from the church sale on Saturday. And for everyone else, here it is – all laid out and labeled.  I don’t do this (just) to brag, I do this because I want people to understand that shopping second hand is not only good for the environment but also good for your wallet. And that there are amazing, one of a kind things you can find. Sometimes it takes work, you need to get your hands dirty and filter through the haystack to find the needle.

A few of these things will be making their way to the shop next week:
× Black cropped motorcycle jacket
× Shiny gold top with button detailing
× Small green felt hat
× Valentino red wool blazer