A work in progress: My St Patty’s Day Look

Some may say that I have issues… I just like to think im well prepared.
The parade/day of drinking is not for another 2 weeks but i’ve bought/ordered almost my entire outfit already. You have to keep in mind that if I waited till there was only a week or 2 left, I wouldnt have been able to order some of this stuff becaus you never know how long it will take to ship from the U.S.

* If you don’t know about Etsy, you should! It is an online community where people sell handmade and vintage things. (inlcuding me! urmomm.etsy.com)


Who says rainboots have to be fluorescent with polka dots?

Chooka riding boots

Today I FINALLLY (after a 3 week wait) received my Chooka rain boots.
I had almost forgotten what they looked like…almost. Let me tell you, they did not dissapoint. Even though I took a guess for the size, they are perfect. 

These little waterproof beauties will be the perfect addition to my St Patrick’s day outfit, no more wet feet at the parade! 

Next on the to-get list are these bad boys: 

F21 plaid framed glasses

Too bad I havent seen them in store… I’m going to have to find 70$ of clothes to go with these if I want freee shipping off the site…