Christmas wrap up. (pun intended)

A little bit late on these photos I admit. It’s been busy and Photoshop is not working at home. Christmas in my family doesn’t change much (thank god) from year to year. Everyone goes to my parents’ place Christmas eve and we have a huge dinner of all kinds of finger food.  I decided to make the brie/jam desert I found on Free Honey. I had been craving it every day after Becca posted it and I could NOT wait any longer. All you need is a Pillsbury croissant roll, jam and brie cheese. My mouth is watering right now thinking about it!

I got very spoiled I must admit. We woke up bright and early Christmas morning (6:45AM) and opened up our gifts. Then Matt and I headed to his mom’s for more presents and a huge lunch with his family. Then we rushed back to my parents’ for a dinner (which was impossible since I was still full from lunch) and then everyone went their separate ways. I stayed all the way till Tuesday afternoon, hanging out with friends, watching lots of movies. It was a nice mini vacation.

 Now don’t go thinking Christmas with my family is all about gum drops and …. other sweet things. There’s plenty of stupidity aswell.

For example, we spent a good half hour listening to matt make jokes about the word “muff” after finding out that’s what a hand warmer was called. I won’t repeat his jokes because they would not be appropriate on the blog but they were plenty enjoyable… for him.