Shirt – Roxy (old)
Jeans – Guess (clothing swap)
Cowboy boots – thrifted
Watch – Avon (gift)

My cowboy boots only come out to play a few times a year. In fact, they pinch my toes if I wear them too long. Unfortunately when you shop at thrift stores, not everything is going to fit perfectly. That doesn’t mean you should buy things that don’t fit, just that until I find new [old] cowboy boots, these will do for my fair attending and square dance classes.
I still wore them this weekend for a few hours at the fair. It’s just a tradition of mine. Sometimes I even go as far as wearing my cowboy hat too. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl.

P.S. Look how blonde my hair was in 2011 & how short it was in 2012! Having a personal style blog is like looking at your high school year book some days.


1. Vintage black patent clutch with handle
2. Vintage brown suede mini doctors accordion bag
3. Vintage black leather cowboy boots
4. Vintage suede & leather moccasins
5. Vintage Furry lace up winter ankle boots
6. Vintage 1960s black velvet pillbox hat with bows

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