Dress – vintage, thrifted & hemmed
Bag – thrifted / Vintage Aldo
Jewelry – thrifted
Gold sandals – warehouse sale
Me attempting to climb this tree – priceless
Sunglasses – Guess / thrifted

I put on a perdy dress to go to mother’s day dinner with the fam. I originally bought this dress for a photo project for school last year. It was much longer and I meant to use it just for the project then donate it. But then realized it had some potential if it wasn’t so matronly. And voilà!


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Two shop updates in 2 weeks – I’m on a roll! Despite the sarcastic tone I wrote that in, I am happy that this probably marks  the most items I’ve had in the shop at one time. I started selling on etsy in 2009 but it’s always been a side thing I did when I found an awesome piece that didn’t fit me or that just wasn’t my style. Lately I’ve been trying harder to fill the ‘shelves’ and ‘racks’ (aka boxes in my apartment) with one of a kind pieces. It’s really tough to change your ME ME ME mindset when in a thrift store after so many years. I try to find items that remind me of current trends, classic pieces or that I feel could be rocked by someone with more daring style than me. (Or with slightly wider shoulders or hips)

Now I try to go through EVERY rack and inside every dusty box to find those treasures. Trust me, they are hours WELL spent for me. (I get giddy when I’m within eye sight of a thrift store and have to stop myself from running full speed to the door)  I keep a more open mind and look for the potential in everything. Probably a side effect of being a hoarder – I think everything has potential.

Side note: I am not a fan of fur (I won’t eat them, I definitely won’t wear them) but I bought the above fur stole in a moment of weakness for the shop a long time ago and I just want it to find a new home. Don’t get me wrong, I find the stole BEAUTIFUL, I just can’t do it.