1. A tree and the setting sun
2. Out on a walk, taking pictures of disgusting spiders – the things I do for a picture
3. Foggy morning on my way to breakfast with the girls
4. Starting a collection
5. Hike up the mountain – I LOVE fog
6. Hannibal  Lecter, great party host
7. Halloween : an excuse to leave the apartment with no pants on
8. Cooking up a storm – fall veggies are so pretty


1. Highlight of my weekend.
2. What the weatherman calls rain.
3. Vegetable tofu stirfry with coconut curry sauce. (I love friends who can cook)
4. Summer is definitely gone.
5. Bus ride home.

Mondays are getting harder and harder as the days get shorter and the weather gets colder and wetter. Luckily this weeknd wasnt the rain filled weekend they predicted. (Are they ever right?) I spent it with Hurley and saw some good friends. We ate good food and drank mediocre wine.

And in between I watched movies and tried to sleep through a doozy of a hangover Sunday (all that mediocre wine turns into a not so mediocre headache the next day) The weekend flew by as it always does then it was back on the bus with my ipod and a good book.


Hat – thrifted vintage
Sweater – MINK PINK / Warehouse Sale (30$)
Pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Boots – Warehouse sale (5$)

This felt like a very Christina outfit. Right? Vintage hat, knit sweater… man I miss that girl! One bad thing about meeting new people from across the country is that you don’t see them very often.

My mom always told me [with an evil eye] that I had a head for hats. The old lady at the church basement sale told me the same thing on Saturday after she asked me to put on the green hat I bought. These people need to stop enabling me, my hat collection is getting out of hand in my tiny apartment!! That and my boot collection. Who can resist 5$ boots though? This is what happens when you work in an ugly industrial part of town… warehouse sales walking distance away. OK I’ll stop complaining about all the awesome deals I get.