1. I refuse to run out of clementines till January
2. Flaxseed sesame jalapeño cornbread
3. Token double rainbow shot in Montreal from Saturday
4. Banana oatmeal dark chocolate chip muffins – I never get sick of making and eating these
5. Kinfolk Magazine – it’s like reading a book  filled with short stories and beautiful photos
6. Sunday – in my bag
7. A space ship!! Oh no wait that’s just our olympic stadium from the 70s
8. Honey!! One whole kilogram of creamy local natural honey – this is happiness


1. Printed some instagram photos for a montage. They’re great, I want more
2. Leftovers = Breakfast = huevos rancheros
3. Fried tofu with peanut sauce and crispy spinach @ C Thai
4. Fried bananas for dessert [weekends are for fried food]
5. Sunday mornings
6. Wearing my Sunday best [sweats & sneakers]
7. Homemade roasted garlic hummus

In case you hadn’t noticed I’m on a bit of a food instagramming frenzy these days. And lets not forget all the coffee – see above evidence. I love cooking [and eating] and it’s good practice for my  [non iPhone] food photography & styling skills. Maybe I should rename ‘weekend in photos’ to ‘what I ate/drank this weekend’.

By the way, went to C Thai this weekend after seeing a great review on Shut up and Eat. It’s not always easy to find a BYOW restaurant that is vegetarian friendly [and affordable] and C Thai did not disappoint. The service was good and friendly, the food was delicious and light, the prices were very reasonable and to top it all off, you can bring your own wine. I will be back.


1. “Saganaki” Dodonis = FRIED. CHEESE. @ Philinos ’nuff said.
2. Swapping @Take Off Your Clothes Montreal clothing swap
3. Left with almost as much as I donated – sorry tiny closet.
4. Last day of the Souk at Just for laughs, had to try the lobster roll @ Lucille’s
5. Refreshing watermelon mint paleta @ La Catrina
6. The summer’s heat waves have been pretty rough of my garden :(
7. Best coffee in the city? undecided but Cafe Myriad is right down the street and delicious
8. Pre-breakfast coffee with my sister @ Sardine. Why yes, I do love lattes?
9. Creamy scrambled eggs and wild salmon for brunch(again) @ Lawrence
10. Iced tea and chai latte @ Le Couteau (I had to pee so we bough some tea)

What a busy weekend. Finally went back to Philinos, hoping their calamari was as good as it was 2 years ago – only to realize the flaming cheese is much more memorable. The clothing swap was a huge success (more about that later this week), I enjoyed the last day of the street food at the Just of laughs festival (food trucks are illegal in Montreal other than at special events) drank lots of things with the word ‘latte’ in them and had awesome Sunday brunch with my sister.


1. Curry tilapia on brown rice & a glass of wine
2. Sleeping cat in bookstore window
3. I HATE that Au Pied de Cochon sells foie gras but this dessert was AMAZING
4. After many coffees at Sardine Cafe, I finally tried their (delicious) donuts
5. Snapped this for my friend Paige who documents her pet peeve, rogue carts
6. Another boiling hot weekend, another sidewalk sale in Montreal


1. Casa de crazy cat lady
2. Amazing french toast @ Bleeding Heart Bakery
3. Fish tacos @ Antique Taco
4. Mo
5. Ferris wheel at Navy Pier
6. (Naked?) on the ferris wheel
7. Homemade naan pizzas
8. Last morning with the kitties
9. Airport snacks
10. Almost home.

Not pictured, but equally memorable: meeting Karyn and Andrea.

My long weekend in Chicago with Merl and Kathleen was amazing. I miss those awesome ladies already but it’s great to be back in Montreal. I did love Chicago, it’s a great city.



Ever since I moved out in to my first apartment, I’ve been keeping small gardens on windowsills or balconies. Last year I didn’t get to because I moved July first and didn’t want to add more plants to the list of things that needed to be brought from one city to another. Now that I am in a new place with lots of sun, I plan on taking full advantage. Last week I planted some of the early bird seeds, 2 kinds of tomatoes. And to mix it up, some California poppies that Jaimee gave me.

Every day, I check on them and see how much they’ve grown. Who needs kids anyway? I’m considering buying them a growth chart. That SO wouldn’t be ‘crazy plant lady’-like. Oh maybe that will be my thing since I don’t have the credentials to be a crazy cat lady. Moving right along, some other things I plan on growing: Basil, Mint, Parsley, Cucumbers, Zucchini. Maybe some carrots, beets and radishes.

And if you are also a city dweller looking for some inspiration, check this post out over at the selby. The sky is the limit guys, get out there and plant something!