What I Wore | New Years day

The 3 sisters got together new years day for a feast at Steph’s.  She’s the eldest, it’s her duty (hehe doodie) to feed us young’ns. She made amazing food and we stuffed ourselves and then had desert on top. Despite the hangover I was nursing from New Years eve (nice timing steph!) I forgot all about my head pounding while I stuffed my face with yummy food. Then there was no time to think about my head when I was complaining about how full I was.

I pulled these pants out of my closet and decided they needed to be worn more than once in the 8 months since I bought them. AND I never thought these words would come out of my mouth (err hands) but how fun are these ballet flats? I’ve been a hater for a while I admit… But when I saw the ad for these “fast flats” I was interested. Then they magically ended up in my stocking at Christmas from Matt’s mom. They will be perfect for commuting back and forth in the summer since I wear heels at work. And I didn’t have to spend any money on them. [I love being spoiled].

Is this 5 day work week feeling brutal to anyone else? Not a good sign when it’s only Monday. [EDIT : It’s actually Tuesday… ]


I bet you think this song is about you

hat: AA / vest: F21 / jeans: Gap / sandals: Zara (old)

I wish I had something better to offer than these dark spare room shots! Alas, I don’t. So deal! You gotta love casual Fridays. (altho I put heels on at work and no hat) It’s probably the only day of the week I even wear jeans these days. On weekends, since it’s summer, my wardrobe consists of jogging pants or else dresses, shorts, skirts or( loose jeans).

These gap jeans are almost completely amazing. Unfortunately since they have a bit of stretch, I have to keep yanking them higher throughout the day if I don’t want to look like I have a saggy butt.

After work I did some errands (picking up bachelorette goodies for tomorrow (teehee) and other doodads and I knew I wanted to stop at American Apparel but I couldn’t for the life of me remember. This always seems to happen with this store and I don’t usually go in unless I have an item in mind. As I was going through the rows I spotted the hat and the clouds parted and a ray of sunshine hit this gray beauty. When I asked the girl the price she looked at me and said 54, no wait 55$ and gave me a HOLY SHIT THIS IS EXPENSIVE look. I thought well fudge this until I remembered I had a gift card with 25$ on it. CHA-CHING. See, this way the hat only “technically” cost 30. Lets not think about the fact that the 25$ was actually my money since I had returned something last fall and they couldn’t give me cash… but who’s keeping track! Now since I was there, I HAD to pick up some minty colored nail polish and some rosebud salve…

Yes I am one of those people that wants to buy all the garbage they put near the cash for those with ADD who can’t stand in line without touching everything. You got me AA!  Anyhoo… I like the hat, altho it’s extremely warm but I would not have bought it if I didn’t have that 25$ card. I really considered getting the brown one merely because this picture has been burned into my memory and I want to BE Carly Simon. Except with a bra…