The other day I randomly decided to swing by the salvation army on my way home from work. As soon as I walked in I saw that blue and yellow necklace and knew I had to have it. I’ve always been a fan of accessories that are big, obnoxious and out of the ordinary. Bonus points if it makes other people embarrassed to go out in public with me. [True story: I used to wear spongebob PJ pants and a tank top out to the bar. Oh college…]

Since skirts and dresses were 2 for 1 (deal of the week), I spent a little extra time in those sections. I think I done good. And I’m pretty sure those 2 BEDO skirts are brand spanking new. I am by no means a brand whore but I do have an appreciation for higher quality so I always check the labels and tags to see who made it and what it is made of. I will buy Zara and brands of that quality range (nothing special but not terrible) but I won’t buy Forever 21, even in a thrift store. Why would I want to fill my closet with mass produced, low quality items? Don’t get me started on a rant here… It bothers me that people settle for bad quality items made in Chinese sweatshops because they don’t want to spend the extra $$, yet they put their nose in the air and make gross faces when you talk about second-hand clothing. (There’s this thing called a washing machine people! … or the freezer)

You CAN be cheap and have good quality pieces. It’s called Other People’s Garbage! I’m only partly kidding here. Just because someone grew out of a piece of clothing (literally or not) doesn’t mean it’s bad. We’re all different, that’s what makes us special. This feels like a ‘The more you know‘ moment.

In conclusion… It was a successful random Tuesday thrift store visit.


As I’ve mentioned already on the blog, I participated in the Montreal Take Off Your Clothes clothing swap last weekend. After dropping off a garbage bag of clothes the previous weekend, I was feeling good about making some space in my [tiny] closet. On my way over to the swap Saturday morning, I was planning on taking photos as a volunteer for the event and seeing how the event would go. I didn’t expect to find much – why would I want something that someone else didn’t like?  I don’t know WHY I thought this, I buy other people’s garbage at thrift stores all the time. I guess I usually like my clothing to come from old ladies, not people my age.

However, I ended up pleasantly surprised and came home with almost as much as I donated. [oops – sorry closet] Not to mention what I came home with was a little bit of everything; skirts, dresses, pants, tops, shirts, shorts, shoes, accessories, a hat. I could make an entire wardrobe from these 19 pieces [plus undies, those weren’t available at the swap.]

You should know by now that I am a big believer in buying second-hand and I cringe whenever I walk into a mall. I think getting dressed should be an expression of your personality, not the latest trend. [Also, no wearing leggings as pants, I don’t care WHAT your personality is] The whole idea behind swapping is to encourage people to swap, not shop. That’s an idea I can get behind.

A few photos from the swap:



It’s that time of year again -green beer, obscene amounts of sparkly shamrocks and (extra) baileys in your coffee. Montreal’s St Patrick’s day parade is right around the corner. I will be piling on the green clothes & makeup once again on Sunday to celebrate with the rest of the city who loves any excuse to party on the streets and in our many Irish pubs.

Here’s all you will need for a day of celebrations – while staying warm and cozy on the side of the street in the middle of March. [though they are calling for warm weather this year, we’ve spent many under umbrellas or in winter coats]

And in case you missed the first post of this kind, I’ve started a new column featuring handmade and vintage pieces from small businesses. Have a green (in more ways than one) St Patty’s day weekend!

A work in progress: My St Patty’s Day Look

Some may say that I have issues… I just like to think im well prepared.
The parade/day of drinking is not for another 2 weeks but i’ve bought/ordered almost my entire outfit already. You have to keep in mind that if I waited till there was only a week or 2 left, I wouldnt have been able to order some of this stuff becaus you never know how long it will take to ship from the U.S.

* If you don’t know about Etsy, you should! It is an online community where people sell handmade and vintage things. (inlcuding me!