This is my favourite photo from the weekend hands down, it just captures the energy.

As promised monday, I dedicated a whole post over at my photography blog to my Osheaga Instagram photos from Sunday (and a few more that never made it onto Instagram).

Click on the photo above to see!


1. Saturday morning, first cup of coffee
2. Orange tomato from the garden. Probably the best tomato ever eaten. Ever.
3. Photographing a bachelorette – making delicious cocktails @ Ateliers & Saveurs
4. After cocktails, we start tapas cooking class @ Ateliers & Saveurs
5. Sister of the bride made some very nice cupcakes
6. Sunday: Braving the storm @ OSHEAGA!!
7. When the rain finally stops and the sun comes out, they hose us down
8. A girl’s gotta eat (greasy food) – Poutine for the win. Don’t judge me.

What a weekend! I spent all day Saturday photographing a bachelorette. We did a photo shoot with all the girls in the old port, a tapas cooking class then out to a club. It was an exhausting day but the girls were great and I’m very happy behind the camera.

After sleeping in a little Sunday morning, I took the morning to relax and catch up on blogs. Then it was time to party. I headed to Osheaga in the afternoon and spent many hours dying from the heat or taking shelter from the torrential rain. Mother nature couldn’t make up her mind but the shows were amazing and I had a great day. I’ll do a separate post exclusively for the festival pictures cuz I went a little crazy. I hope everyone else had a great weekend!


I really enjoyed visiting New York City a few weeks ago but after a few days of running around all day and eating at restaurants, I was happy to go home, make some mac & cheese then crawl into my own (teeny tiny) bed.

You can see my pictures of the trip HERE.

I was in New York City and I took pictures of ducks… You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Next trip on the list is the windy (red headed) city!