1. A tree and the setting sun
2. Out on a walk, taking pictures of disgusting spiders – the things I do for a picture
3. Foggy morning on my way to breakfast with the girls
4. Starting a collection
5. Hike up the mountain – I LOVE fog
6. Hannibal  Lecter, great party host
7. Halloween : an excuse to leave the apartment with no pants on
8. Cooking up a storm – fall veggies are so pretty


photos from my Instagram

1. My boy
2. Finds from the flea market (1$ each)
3. Cooling off at the falls
4. Country boys know how to have fun
5. Yeah, it’s a hard life
6. Dinner on the BBQ
7. Double rainbow
8. Double rainbow part 2

Other memorable moments the last few days: My sister is heading back to Australia this week! This post on my photography blog was featured on the wordpress.com daily ‘freshly pressed’.