1. vintage small 1930’s cream beaded clutch
2. Vintage 1960s black evening bag with silver detailing
3. Vintage 1960s black velvet handbag

3 new items in the shop. These pieces originally belonged to a friend of my parents who is now in her 80s and had some of these pieces when she was a little girl. They are in amazing vintage condition and really great timeless pieces. Hope they will find a good home to spend another 70-80 years in.

And don’t forget – all summer items are 20% OFF. Check them out here.


1. Vintage beaded sequin pearl and gold evening bag
2. Vintage black & gold pleated evening bag

A mini shop update this week with 2 really great vintage evening bags. Click on the links above for more photos, measurements and info.

p.s. It’s my mom’s birthday today – happy birthday!!

What’s in my purse

I can’t help but say (in my head) “What’s in your wallet” with a viking accent. Stupid commercials, they get in your head and you can’t get them out. Back to reality… I havent had any outfits to post, it’s not easy in this heat when all I want to do is kick my shoes out the balcony door and jump into sweats the second I get home. So I thought I would do a “what’s in your purse” post like I’ve seen here and there.

My purse of choice changes rather frequently and my collection of vintage or new keeps growing and I am running out of room. This purse was a gift for my birthday.

notebook [I have class tonight]
– book [borrowed from my sister, obsessed with vampire novels. (I ALWAYS have a book in my bag)]
receipts [I am SO bad. I bought a receipt organizer and its sitting at home… useful. ]
camera memory card [I did homework during my lunch break at work yesterday]
wallet [Matt n Nat, a vegan company that has become incredibly overpriced. I bought this a few years ago]
sunglasses [Rayban, these came with a case… which I of course lost]
bus pass [I keep losing these too! Sucks when you pay 111$ a month]
hand cream [I have bad ecezema on my hands so they are very picky, this stuff is ok I guess, from etsy]
tide stick [not only do I lose everything, I also spill shit all the time. I’m a walking disaster]
lip stain [maybeline. I’m all about this shit. and it tastes like cherries. need more colors]
one bobby pin [am I the only one who buys 100 of these and they all disappear after 30 seconds?]
ipod [I LOST the cord to charge my shuffle so I’m back to my old ipod touch]
USB stick [again, homework & handy to have just incase!]
keys [with bottle opener and purple pool ball, oh and broken nail clipper… keychains]
phone [Milestone aka Droid. It’s a pain in my ass but it gets the job done. However if I was being attacked and it decided to freeze on me, I’d kinda have a problem calling 911… just a thought.]

And now is about the time when I complain about having school tonight. And getting home at midnight. And something something.
If you are lucky, I may even give you guys a little wacky photoshoot when I stumble home. Lucky for you guys, exhaustion makes me do crazy things.

Boy, you’re going to carry that weight

When I bought my new DSRL camera, I was already spending so much I decided to hold off on getting a camera case at Future Shop. I stopped by what feels like my second home these days (salvation army) on my way home after work tonight to see if I could find an old vintage camera case or square sized bag. Plus it was 50% off, how could I not stop by?

Turns out, a cute little solid purse is the perfect camera case. It has SO MANY pockets for everything I need when I am out and about and it is the perfect size. The long shoulder strap also comes off if need be. Now I can be a crazy camera lady bringing it EVERYWHERE!