The other day I randomly decided to swing by the salvation army on my way home from work. As soon as I walked in I saw that blue and yellow necklace and knew I had to have it. I’ve always been a fan of accessories that are big, obnoxious and out of the ordinary. Bonus points if it makes other people embarrassed to go out in public with me. [True story: I used to wear spongebob PJ pants and a tank top out to the bar. Oh college…]

Since skirts and dresses were 2 for 1 (deal of the week), I spent a little extra time in those sections. I think I done good. And I’m pretty sure those 2 BEDO skirts are brand spanking new. I am by no means a brand whore but I do have an appreciation for higher quality so I always check the labels and tags to see who made it and what it is made of. I will buy Zara and brands of that quality range (nothing special but not terrible) but I won’t buy Forever 21, even in a thrift store. Why would I want to fill my closet with mass produced, low quality items? Don’t get me started on a rant here… It bothers me that people settle for bad quality items made in Chinese sweatshops because they don’t want to spend the extra $$, yet they put their nose in the air and make gross faces when you talk about second-hand clothing. (There’s this thing called a washing machine people! … or the freezer)

You CAN be cheap and have good quality pieces. It’s called Other People’s Garbage! I’m only partly kidding here. Just because someone grew out of a piece of clothing (literally or not) doesn’t mean it’s bad. We’re all different, that’s what makes us special. This feels like a ‘The more you know‘ moment.

In conclusion… It was a successful random Tuesday thrift store visit.


I hadn’t been to a thrift store in weeks but got my butt out of the apartment on Friday to see if there was anything worth picking up at the Salvation Army’s 50% off sale on books, electronics, furniture and kids clothing (things I don’t usually shop for). Though what I took home were mostly full priced items, they were reasonably priced. After picking through people’s unwanted crap in a really hot building, I decided to stop at a cute cafe I passed for an ice coffee to bring my body temperature back to normal. Then went for a spontaneous (much needed) haircut with my usual girl, who is always happy to give me a funky asymmetrical cut. It was a really fun ME day, I can’t wait to be retired. Oh and rich.


Last Friday the salvation army had a 99¢ sale on selected items. I braved the crowds to see if anything overpriced would now be worth checking out. Despite the extremely humid morning and the crowded store, I did a quick walk-through and ended up spending a whopping 4$ in change on the above items. Had I bought these at their regular SA price, it would have been about 21$ (which I realize now isn’t a lot to normal people).  I especially love these high waist terrycloth Zara shorts with original price tag (30$). Sometimes you just get lucky.


It’s ironic that when the salvation army has a 50% off sale I leave the store completely empty-handed (which is tough after spending a few hours going through racks and piles of crap or overpriced items) but on a normal day, I leave with a pile of stuff. I didn’t feel too guilty about buying solely for me on this trip (as opposed to stocking up the shop) because a few items between 2$ and 5$ is no big deal.

That is until I get to the cash register and my eagle eyes notice a camera behind the counter. Then it’s a lost cause. Behind the counter = won’t be cheap + I CANNOT say no to a vintage camera. Sadly I still don’t know if it works, as soon as the battery arrives from ebay (of COURSE replacing a battery = no instant gratification). I will keep you all up to date with the fate of the camera, whether it be me jumping for joy or crying in the fetal position.


Sometimes… SOMETIMES, I find some good deals at Salvation Army. It is possible that church sales have spoiled me for the rest of  ’em, but I did see some really nice framed artwork for 45$ at the SA today. They have a strange way of pricing things, anything with a modern brand tag (Guess! OMG!) gets hiked up and sometimes they overlook the good stuff. Trouble is, you have to REALLY get in there and look. They charge you 11$ for a hideous trashy dress from some mall shop and then they charge 4$ for a 1690’s carry case. I’m only half complaining.


Sweater – thrifted (3$)
Pants – Zara // thrifted (7$)
Boots – warehouse sale (5$)
Sunglasses – thrifted vintage (1$)
Earrings – craft sale (20$)

It’s kinda funny when the most expensive item in your outfit are your earrings. Watching many episodes of that 70s show lately had me craving wide leg pants and oversized sunglasses. I  had found these Zara pants (never worn) at the salvation army MONTHS ago but like every pair of pants I buy, I needed to remove 5 inches off the bottom. Finally I blackmailed asked my mom to hem them for me last time I visited. Gotta love moms!