Cardigan – Winners (old)
Shirt – H&M (old)
Skirt – passed down from my sister (Dynamite)
Shoes – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Scarf – thrifted

Another work outfit. I wore this last week, and I had to get a closeup of the scarf for my cat ladies out there. You know who you are. I’m not really sure what this pattern represents. Angry cats, apples, numbers, clocks, bows, hearts… any ideas? I have a feeling someone got lazy creating this ‘pattern’ and just threw on a bunch of clip art together. It got me to spend 2$ so I guess… they succeeded?

I’ve decided – due to lack of space – to clean out my closet when things settle down after the holidays. I also want to avoid bringing any NEW clothing into my apartment as much as I can. I’m getting a little fed up of our society’s obsession with buying. I wish more people ‘got it’. You don’t need to buy new clothes every week. And if you really have the need to go shopping, go to a thrift store. Save your money for something important, not the latest trend. Invest in good quality, local, handmade and stop picking quantity over quality. OK rant over. It had been a while, I was due.

And speaking of consumerism, go buy things in my shop!!
I promise these will last longer than the trend du jour:


T-Shirt – Target (8$)
Scarf – Swapped
Necklace – thrift store, vintage
Pants – Guess (15$)
Sunglasses – warehouse sale (5$)

Fall is coming despite my denial. (Look at all the leaves on the ground!!) I spent the weekend at my parents’ place hanging out with Hurley and the ‘rents. I made an amazing vegetarian lasagna from scratch which turned out to be pretty awesome if I may toot my own horn.

I found these pants and sunglasses at the warehouse sale where I found the sweater that  I Can’t Stop Wearing. The pants are Guess and the original tag said $108.00. I paid 15. Oh how I love cheap things. I love bragging about the deals I find. Some people stick their nose in the air as if they are superior because they paid full price… but honestly, I am much more proud of my 15$ pants.

p.s. how CUTE is this guy. I’ll never get over it, I’m like a mom who thinks her baby is the cutest baby in the whole wide world.