1. 1960s black lamb wool muff / hand warmer
2. 1960s black lamb wool winter hat
3. 1950s snakeskin handbag and change purse

Some pretty amazing pieces went up into the shop. They all originally belonged to a woman now into her 80s and she kept them in such pristine condition over the last 50-60 years. And that shows how well these items were made to last this long.


1. Vintage leather rugby backpack
2. 1980s beaded gold and black evening bag

Definitely an odd couple, these 2. But nonetheless amazing in their own ways. The clutch belonged to my aunt and she bought it back in the 80s for her first cruise. Can you believe the 80s were already 30 years ago? Jeez that’s crazy.

Still lots of ‘new’ items to add to the shop in the next few weeks. These mini updates seem to be all I have time for these days but I will get through it all eventually! Baby steps!