It was high time that we get a little shopping inspiration that won’t be breaking the bank. Thus I have given birth to a new feature on the blog with some shopping ideas from items that are in my shop along with friends’ and other etsy sellers. I hope to encourage you all to support small shops that sell handmade and second-hand items.

There is a lot of good cheap stuff out there, I’ll do my best to find it for you. This post includes several items from my shop but I plan on making future posts about different small shop items, not just mine. I will be putting fun themed outfits together on a weekly-ish basis and all the items will be affordable and from small businesses.

*If you have any small shops you think I would be interested in for this feature, do share!*


1 – Vintage 1960s olive green and black felt hat with rosette
2 – Vintage 1950/60s Gray hat with feather & bow detailing
3 – Vintage pink and black veiled hat with bow
4 – Vintage red and black felt hat
5 – Vintage yellow 1950/60s straw hat with bow
6 – Vintage ruby red 1950s/60s fold up brim hat

I have been collecting the above beauties for a few months now and I just hadn’t gotten around to photographing them to list on the shop (and maybe I was hesitant to part with them). As much as I want to keep all these amazing vintage hats, I would much prefer they go to a good home where they can be worn and loved instead of gathering dust in my apartment. I still keep a few goodies for myself, don’t worry. But I need to make some room.

You say goodbye, and I say hello

On a visit to the Salvation Army yesterday, I hit the jackpot! I guess they received a large donation of Zara clothes – new with tags – recently.

Here are some the goodies I got all for between 2.99 and 6.99. (there was a skirt too… I just can’t find it hahaha)

Also, Matt brought me to Futureshop to look (and possibly buy) myself a new DSLR. I had seen on the website they offered a discount on Canon cameras if you brought in an old one – working or not – of the same brand.

After 2 trips back home – one to pick up my old 2.0 MP camera from my college days (oh how the times have changed) and one to pick up my passport as my 2nd ID (damn my non license owning self) I got the T2i for 100$ off plus a 10$ discount, a 4 year warrantee and a 16 gig memory card. Not to mention a 2,000$ Future Shop credit card!
Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m off to look for a second job…

My hoarding pays off… but I will miss you, old camera, with your lilo & Stich stickers. Although he’s been dead for atleast 7 years, let’s have a moment of silence for my first ever digital camera that was a wopping 2 megapixels.