Knit sheep sweater – thrift store
Green shorts – thrift store
Black leggings – F21 (old – they have about 5 holes in them)
Brown riding boots – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Scarf – Lost and found

I’ve always had a distaste for shorts worn with leggings or tights. I guess it just all reminded me of the grunge-style acid wash cutoff jeans with black tights and a vest of some sort. When I visited Jaimee- who refuses to let her legs see the light of day – she would not wear anything without a pair of tights underneath and by George, she pulls it off. Since I like wearing leggings & boots on weekends in the colder months and I believe in covering up my butt (leggings are NOT pants!), shorts seemed like the perfect solution. Kind of lame that I only figure this out now.