What I wore | As good as it gets

It doesn’t get much cozier than this folks. I wore this outfit for approximately 2 hours – in between long johns for snowboarding and party dress – just long enough to run out and take pictures before the sun disappeared.

I bought these tights about 2 years ago and I found them last week in a drawer thinking how lucky I was to have found a pair of thick tights I had forgotten I had. Then I put them on. And remembered why they were exiled. One leg is longer than the other. This is actually very annoying but I managed to wear them and then again out for the party that night.

And the cape. Oh this cape. I found out that it’s really not ideal to wear a coat (that has sleeves) on top of a cape. Lesson learned. Cape – 1 Emily – 0. I found it at the church basement sale this fall for 2 or 3 dollars and I’m pretty sure someone hand knitted this guy. Pretty awesome, no? I need to learn how  to knit capes. Oh and make my own mukluks too. Hey, the indians did it!

Can you believe Christmas is in a few days? I don’t have a tree (I always mean to then never do) so I don’t often feel festive till the last minute at my parents’ place piling the presents under the tree. This year is no exception. If feeling festive meant running around like a nut trying to find the perfect gifts for everyone, then you could call me Santa.

Shadow – my dad’s dog / photo shoot supervisor


Just to dance with you

Shopping on Saturday, I saw this bag at Simons and the only doubt I had was which color to get.

You see, I’ve been on a quest to find a non pedophile-esque fanny pack for a while now. I just don’t want to put down my purse when I’m out ever since I had things stolen from a clutch in January. The jerk took my bag from our table, grabbed everything valuable (thankfully my old cell phone wasn’t worth stealing and my camera was  in my pocket) and then tossed the bag which we found soon after. Ever since, I’ve been looking for some neat alternatives that wouldnt empty out my bank account. Etsy has some pretty bad-ass handmade leather hip belts with pockets that would do the trick but they are above and beyond what I’m looking to pay.

Enter this bag from Fashion Express. It is tiny. probably could fit some cards, camera and phone, maybe some lipstick. The great part is that the shoulder strap comes completely off and it has a loop in the back to attach to a belt. Now I realize that we don’t often wear belts when we dress up to go out dancing but I’m sure I will figure something out. Plus it is so small, I can just keep it over my shoulder if need be. For 30$ I’m considering going back for the other colors!

I had my new Alfred Sung pants on today (THESE) but I just felt so crappy when I got home that I changed into sweats asap. I love them so much, they have a slight sheen to them that makes them extra special. I will be wearing them as much as I can without looking like a crazy person.  I also bought the blazer that matches but I’ve yet to see if they work together on my short frame. Not sure I’m tall enough to work it.