Dress – vintage, thrifted & hemmed
Bag – thrifted / Vintage Aldo
Jewelry – thrifted
Gold sandals – warehouse sale
Me attempting to climb this tree – priceless
Sunglasses – Guess / thrifted

I put on a perdy dress to go to mother’s day dinner with the fam. I originally bought this dress for a photo project for school last year. It was much longer and I meant to use it just for the project then donate it. But then realized it had some potential if it wasn’t so matronly. And voilà!



Tank top – old / Giant Tiger
Floral scarf – thrifted
Linen skirt – thrifted / Armani
Flip flops – Old Navy / my mom’s

Nowhere near appropriate for a day or tramping around in the country with a dog (or 3) BUT it was warm out and I couldn’t resist putting on this (Armaniiiiiiiiii, liiiiiiiiiiinen) skirt (made in IIIIIIIIIItaly) I found at the church last time (for under 5 dollaaaaaaaaas). Not that I’m bragging of course. Though if it makes you feel better, I got it all dirty and even spilled some salsa on it. I really shouldn’t be allowed in public (without a bib).


Denim jacket – thrifted
T-shirt – Target
Red jeans – thrifted
Brown riding boots – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Scarf – thrifted
Belt – old/no idea where it’s from
Bag – Flea market/vintage Coach

I can’t fully button up this jacket, I guess it was made for pre-teens or non chesty women. However since I spent the 2$ on it at the church sale, I had to at least wear it once (and document it) so that if I donate it back to the church, I won’t feel so guilty. The hoarder in me has low standards and just wants to take everything home. Trying to fit into a 12 year old’s jacket? those jeans won’t button up? that’s what safety pins are made for, people. Free advice right there, it’s not too small, the buttons are just in the wrong place.


Sheer polka dot top – MINKPINK // warehouse sale
Sweater – Winners
Bag – Flea Market // Vintage Coach
Boots – Frye
Necklace/Belt/Jeans/Sunglasses – thrifted

My aunt volunteers at a thrift store and often brings us goodies she thinks we will like. For example, these jeans. Not only are they cute and fit me perfectly but they are… wait for it… MILEY CYRUS jeans! I know, you are all jealous of my free MS jeans. I can’t blame you. OK, all making fun of teen pop stars aside, the free jeans are pretty good. I won’t look a Miley Cyrus gift horse in the mouth.


Bomber Jacket – BB Dakota
Navy flared jeans – thrifted // Zara
Boots – warehouse sale
Vintage tooled leather bag – thrifted
Scarf – thrifted
Feather earrings – craft sale

After being lucky enough to have a sunny day on Friday to spend walking around, running into crazy dog ladies, and then shooting under the brooklyn bridge at night (gorgeous by the way) mother nature said ‘enough of that!’ and decided to throw some rain and shit (not literally) at us on Saturday. But we still kept on schedule and headed out to Coney Island then to an amazing pizzeria in Brooklyn (i miss u greasy pizza), Grand Central Station and then to Times Square for some night shots. And on the last day we spent the morning at the Hell’s Kitchen flea market (hello new to me coach bag and letterpress letters) and then headed back to good old Canada for some much needed laziness and sleeping.

Needless to say, long flared jeans were NOT the best choice for rain and a sandy beach at Coney Island. And I did maybe almost break my neck trying to dry my pant legs with a hand dryer in Starbucks later that day. What can ya do, at least I looked cute sloshing around taking photos.


Sweater – thrifted (3$)
Pants – Zara // thrifted (7$)
Boots – warehouse sale (5$)
Sunglasses – thrifted vintage (1$)
Earrings – craft sale (20$)

It’s kinda funny when the most expensive item in your outfit are your earrings. Watching many episodes of that 70s show lately had me craving wide leg pants and oversized sunglasses. I  had found these Zara pants (never worn) at the salvation army MONTHS ago but like every pair of pants I buy, I needed to remove 5 inches off the bottom. Finally I blackmailed asked my mom to hem them for me last time I visited. Gotta love moms!