Tank top – old F21
Vintage rayon skirt – thrifted
Shoes – CoolWay
Vintage woven Bag – thrifted
Hat – thrifted
Earrings – vintage market (Chicago)
Bracelet – old Aldo
Vintage Vuarnet sunglasses – thrifted

I found this skirt at the church sale back in May and planned on putting it in the shop. Well that all changed when I put it and pranced around admiring the colors and pattern. [terrible businesswoman, great closet filled]

It was perfect for the heat wave we’ve been enduring enjoying the last few weeks, rayon is a light fabric and perfect for hot weather. AND it’s real perdy.


MINK PINK Polka dot shirt – Warehouse sale
Silk red scarf as belt – thrifted
blue Zara jeans – thrifted
Vintage Coach bag – flea market
Vintage Vuarnet sunglasses – thrifted
Toms  – old (holes give them more character)

When Paige made a comment on my last outfit post about this post TWO YEARS AGO! It made me miss the train tracks. So I dragged my mom out there (it’s really just a 2 min walk away haha) again this weekend to take some outfit pictures. So Paige, this post is for you!! Hard to believe I’ve been posting outfits for over 2 years (I forgot my blog’s 2nd ‘birthday’ back in February). The blog has changed a lot in 2 1/2 years but I am glad to still have a place to talk about thrift store finds, what I wear and update you all on the shop. Thank you to everyone who pops by every week.

P.S. this top is amazing, I swear I can wear it with anything.


Sheer polka dot top – MINKPINK // warehouse sale
Sweater – Winners
Bag – Flea Market // Vintage Coach
Boots – Frye
Necklace/Belt/Jeans/Sunglasses – thrifted

My aunt volunteers at a thrift store and often brings us goodies she thinks we will like. For example, these jeans. Not only are they cute and fit me perfectly but they are… wait for it… MILEY CYRUS jeans! I know, you are all jealous of my free MS jeans. I can’t blame you. OK, all making fun of teen pop stars aside, the free jeans are pretty good. I won’t look a Miley Cyrus gift horse in the mouth.


Sweater – thrifted (3$)
Pants – Zara // thrifted (7$)
Boots – warehouse sale (5$)
Sunglasses – thrifted vintage (1$)
Earrings – craft sale (20$)

It’s kinda funny when the most expensive item in your outfit are your earrings. Watching many episodes of that 70s show lately had me craving wide leg pants and oversized sunglasses. I  had found these Zara pants (never worn) at the salvation army MONTHS ago but like every pair of pants I buy, I needed to remove 5 inches off the bottom. Finally I blackmailed asked my mom to hem them for me last time I visited. Gotta love moms!


I don’t know what I’m more excited about from last week’s haul. If only the church sold 5$ motorcycles to go with that jacket. And that fanny? If you didn’t already know, I have a bit of a fanny pack fetish. I have more than I need but I couldn’t resist this one from Guatemala. Apparently I don’t wear enough patterns (according to SOMEONE) so she’ll be proud when I strut my stuff with this guy on my fanny.

I think a major spring cleaning will be in order in the next few weeks. I’m sure I have tons of clothes I hardly ever wear. On the bright side, I rarely ever buy cheaply made mall-quality clothes anymore. So although my closet is getting fuller, It’s full of good quality original pieces that were not mass produced in China. High five!