Last weekend when I visited my parents, my mom and I did our usual Saturday morning ritual of crankily crawling out of bed, having some tea then breakfast then trekking up the hill to the church. OK I am the only cranky one in the morning and my mom is up hours before I force my body to wake up with an alarm at 9am. This time I knew I wanted to snatch up those macrame plant hangers I would always consider but never buy. I have so many plants in my small apartment and this is a great (cheap) way to get them out of the way.


I hadn’t been to the church sale in several weeks and I got my fill this week to make up for that. I bought so many things that I couldn’t fit them all in one photograph. No joke – see proof above.

A few of these (but probably not enough) are going into the shop. A few, like that huge camera bag, are staying put in my apartment. I keep buying second-hand camera bags (I’m up to 3 now…) but this one takes the cake. I have room for my camera, a few lenses and a flash or 2 along with all the extra batteries and small items. It will be perfect to lug around my equipment. And it was probably 2$. Take that 100$ camera bags! Good things come to those who sift through mountains of dusty mothball smelling crap.


(items with an asterisk are going into the shop)

Soon I will run out of room in my apartment. But until my family and friends plan a hoarding intervention, I’m just gonna ignore the elephant (or piles of stuff) in the room. Instead lets talk about that black vintage school bag. I may have screeched internally a little bit when I found it covered in dust. It’s in great condition and I’ve been using it for my commute to/from work this week. I am not letting this baby go. I have a (not so) secret love to backpacks and fanny packs, they are overflowing out of my closet.

I should do a regular “I hoard ____” post on the blog. Belts, scarves, boots, bags, sunglasses, cameras, books, … Ok I guess that settles it,  it needs to be done.


1. Orange polka dot nails
2. My love
3. Note from my mom (20% off at the liquor store)
4. The usual – Egg, cheese and tomato on an Abercorn Bakery croissant
5. Church sale loot
6. A ‘new’ pair of long johns (with trap door in back of course)
7. Some crazy patterns going into the shop
8. Bus ride home – back to the city living

Egg breakfasts, quality time with the mutt and cheap vintage shopping. Could a girl really ask for more in a weekend? Did I mention there was wine and pesto? Because there was.

I woke last night to the sound of thunder

Not only did I get home around 12:15 but mother nature decide to scare me half to death with insane thunder. I thought my apartment was going to fall through a hole in the earth. To top it all off, the power went out and I was home alone. It was a good thing I was completely exhausted.

I love these damn shoes and I get compliments left and right but gosh darnit, they are killing me. I really hope they just need to be broken in and that they aren’t just incompatible with my feet. I had accepted the pain by the end of the night.

This is where the blisters are… Please ignore how decrepid my feet are.

tank top – random  / pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers / shoes – Seychelles / jewelry – flea market