1. Casa de crazy cat lady
2. Amazing french toast @ Bleeding Heart Bakery
3. Fish tacos @ Antique Taco
4. Mo
5. Ferris wheel at Navy Pier
6. (Naked?) on the ferris wheel
7. Homemade naan pizzas
8. Last morning with the kitties
9. Airport snacks
10. Almost home.

Not pictured, but equally memorable: meeting Karyn and Andrea.

My long weekend in Chicago with Merl and Kathleen was amazing. I miss those awesome ladies already but it’s great to be back in Montreal. I did love Chicago, it’s a great city.



I really enjoyed visiting New York City a few weeks ago but after a few days of running around all day and eating at restaurants, I was happy to go home, make some mac & cheese then crawl into my own (teeny tiny) bed.

You can see my pictures of the trip HERE.

I was in New York City and I took pictures of ducks… You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl. Next trip on the list is the windy (red headed) city!


The ocean, Dolphins!, Hollywooood, Zoey ( Paige‘s hand), Bubbles, Ventura Pier

Growing up on a farm far from the ocean, I developed a dream of one day being a surfer chick in sunny California. I asked my family to get me a surfboard for one of my birthdays in high school (they said no) and ripped out many a magazine ad to decorate my bedroom walls. I wore skater shoes, anything with the name Roxy and Billabong on it and used Sun-in to get that perfect sun bleached hair color. Right after college, I tried river surfing and had big dreams of getting a car (and license) and spending weekends in the lineup for the river surfing spot here in Montreal. And then something else shiny probably attracted my attention elsewhere.

The attraction of California never died and I was so happy to finally get my butt over there this winter. I am grateful to my friends who helped that dream come true by giving me a place to stay, food and awesome tours. I am already dying to go back, I still need to try surfing and visit a vineyard where I can bathe in red wine. (not literally – though if that exists, count me in!)

In case you missed it, CALIFORNIA IN PHOTOS PART 1