Dress – Esprit / Thrifted
Faux fur capelet – Thrifted
Sequin belt – Thrifted
Purse – Thrifted
Shoes – Steve Madden via DSW
Pearl earrings – Gift

Despite a LOT of temptation to go buy a brand spanking new outfit for new years eve (I used to be THAT girl) I stayed strong and went shopping in my own closet instead. I did however buy new lipstick, does that count? I am very happy I didn’t buy anything new because I couldn’t be more pleased with this outfit. Everything but the shoes, nylons and earrings are second hand. And I owned them all before even planning this outfit. It’s amazing the things you can come up with by digging through your own closet.

And if you missed it last week, see my highlights of 2011 HERE. Here is hoping that 2012 is filled with as much sass & glam as this outfit!


T-shirt – Target
Skirt – Thrifted Vintage
Tights – old
Shoes – Thrifted (Zara)
Necklace – Craft Sale (Vintage)
Feather Earrings – Craft Sale

I love a good accessory and my overflowing jewelry boxes can confirm that for you. I have a very (VERY) soft spot for vintage. But accessories seem to have the most character when it comes to the pre-owned. (And are great for people who find wearing someone else’s clothes icky – that’s obviously not me tho) I found the vintage necklace and handmade earrings from this outfit at the Holiday Puces POP Craf & DIY Fair. The necklace is actually a little book with real paper pages in it. There is even some person’s address in Texas written on it from the previous owner.

I wore this about 2 weeks ago when I got my hair cut. I’m so late with these photos, the holidays are just so busy and I’m finally catching up.

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T-Shirt – American Apparel (old)
Scarf tied in a bow – thrifted
Earrings – thrifted, vintage
Navy wool skirt – thrifted, vintage
Shoes -Essentiel

I wore this last week (pre haircut – photos of THAT to come) for work. Even if I’m 5’1 (ish…) I love wearing long skirts. Bonus points if they are vintage. Oddly enough, I wear more skirts in winter than in summer. It’s just so much easier to stick my legs into boots. And I have quite a collection of wool skirts from the last few years. This is another one my sister left behind – covered in blond dog hair might I add – when she moved.


Beret – thrifted
Leopard circle scarf – Roxy
Top – Teenflo
Skinny jeans – Gap (old)
Brown riding boots – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Bag – thrifted/Vintage

I wore this on Saturday for my sister’s birthday dinner. This is such a random outfit, I don’t even know how it came together. I seem to be at a loss when I am putting together an outfit that is not dressed up for work or dressed down for lounging. That’s kind of my life, if I’m not working, I’m at home in sweats (often working). I swear my jeans are all gathering dust in my closet. Who wants to wear jeans in winter? They’re just so stiff and cold. I’m like one of those women from What Not to Wear who keeps talking about how her polka dot pajama pants are just SO comfortable, how could she NOT wear them to the grocery store? I hear ya lady. Don’t listen to Clinton and Stacey, what do they know!


Cardigan – Winners (old)
Shirt – H&M (old)
Skirt – passed down from my sister (Dynamite)
Shoes – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Scarf – thrifted

Another work outfit. I wore this last week, and I had to get a closeup of the scarf for my cat ladies out there. You know who you are. I’m not really sure what this pattern represents. Angry cats, apples, numbers, clocks, bows, hearts… any ideas? I have a feeling someone got lazy creating this ‘pattern’ and just threw on a bunch of clip art together. It got me to spend 2$ so I guess… they succeeded?

I’ve decided – due to lack of space – to clean out my closet when things settle down after the holidays. I also want to avoid bringing any NEW clothing into my apartment as much as I can. I’m getting a little fed up of our society’s obsession with buying. I wish more people ‘got it’. You don’t need to buy new clothes every week. And if you really have the need to go shopping, go to a thrift store. Save your money for something important, not the latest trend. Invest in good quality, local, handmade and stop picking quantity over quality. OK rant over. It had been a while, I was due.

And speaking of consumerism, go buy things in my shop!!
I promise these will last longer than the trend du jour:


Top –Simons (old)
Skirt – inherited from my sister
Tights – small boutique
Fake Pearl Necklace – thrifted vintage
Shoes – Salvation Army – Zara

It’s been months since I’ve taken pictures of a work outfit. Contrary to popular belief, I do wear outfits that DON’T include leggings and boots. I just rarely have a chance to photograph them – and the shorter days definitely don’t help. The first time I took outfit pictures with this skirt (with long hair!) was a year and a half ago when I borrowed it from my sister. When she moved to Australia a few months ago, I inherited it for good. (If you come back Steph, you aren’t getting this back!)

My manager actually complimented my red tights and told me he always had an appreciation for people who are willing to be different. I wasn’t aware that red tights were so daring – especially since I once came into work with half my head shaved – but OK!